Model schools are educational programs focused on children and youth. They are built on the commitment and collaboration of all educational actors, training and continuous evaluation. As they evolve, the programs generate a model of inclusive education in the school itself and become reference and training centers. These model programs transform other educational programs and impact their region or country and enrich the educational system. As a result, the program is scaling its work by improving educational standards and policies.

Perkins develops an individualized action plan for each school that consists of collaboration, training and specialized consultations for the different educational actors. In addition, the professional teams participate in the Perkins International Academy (PIA) diploma courses which are carried out in conjunction with the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Mother leaders promote the formation of support groups, training, coaching and guidance to foster strong associations of parents who are involved with their children’s educational teams and advocate for inclusive and quality education.

Perkins believes that PI Academy courses will become a catalyst to effectively expand services to learners with complex disabilities and their families throughout the world by: