Meet Abbie and Tim Dutterer

Abbie and Tim are members of the Corporation and have been involved with Perkins since 2004.

Abbie and Tim Dutterer

This story appears in the Spring 2019 issue of In Focus.

Why do you support Perkins?

Tim: The organization has always been incredibly strategic and pragmatic. It’s figured out how to serve local and international populations simultaneously, it has multiple objectives and it pursues both short and long-term goals. You run into a lot of organizations dedicated to one objective. Perkins gets the right resources to the right places at the right times to a number of different populations.

What Perkins programs are of particular importance to you and why?

Abbie: For me, it’s always been about transition and, lately, how technology is used in that transition. How can we help equip young people to go out into the world with the most up-to-date, useful technology? How can we make transitions a little easier, a little kinder, a little less stressful? That’s what we’ve really focused on in the last few years.

What excites you about the future of Perkins?

Tim: There’s more we can do. Perkins has a tremendous platform to launch to the next level, to coordinate with the community and to be the nexus for programming and innovation going forward.

Abbie: Perkins is constantly thinking, “How do we pivot the organization so the biggest needs are being met?” There’s a nimbleness in positioning the organization and a pragmatism that you can’t cling to the past—you have to look where things are moving. Perkins is going to move, shift and lead to meet those changing needs. I have a lot of faith in that.

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