Making life and learning a celebration

Art is therapeutic, healing and joyful. Perkins India rings in the bonhomie of Holi without the splash - a beautiful narrative of delight.

The colors and bonhomie associated with Holi reverberates across the world of play. Laughter and joy brighten up classrooms and homes. It’s beautiful to see how children enjoy playing with friends, teachers and family using colors and water.

For children with disabilities, it’s time for  meaningful engagement through creative and fun methods. Beginning right from making natural colors – be it the purple of  beetroot,  green of spinach and coriander levers and bright yellow of marigold flowers – this becomes a multisensory activity for children. Not to miss the sweets and other goodies during Holi.

We take you through a visual journey of children in our projects!

A little girl making a card at an Intervention Centre in Agra Supported by Perkins India

The moment of celebration

June-July 2023 Newsletter


Spring Sing from a delightful bunch of children


Recognizing the Women force at Perkins India – foot soldiers who keep the march going