Magic Eyes: The enchanting book for every family’s bookshelf

We haven't come across a story that covers kindness and respect like Magic Eyes does—it’s the first children’s book to feature a main character with the leading cause of childhood blindness, and proceeds go to benefit Perkins School for the Blind!

Stories carry so much power, and “Magic Eyes”, the new children’s book by Perkins mother and Trustee Lauren Fornes blew us away. “Magic Eyes” follows a young boy and his growing group of friends on a summertime adventure. Only later is the boy’s secret revealed. 

“Magic Eyes” is a story about the power of imagination, friendship, and inclusion in a format that makes it a joy for all ages. Here are five reasons we love the “Magic Eyes” book.

  1. It shows kids the power of difference. “Magic Eyes” highlights the inherent value in each of us and the similarities we all share. This is a lesson that needs to be taught early and often, and it’s the number one reason why every family needs a copy!
  2. It draws you in and whisks you away. Illustrated by Nantucket-based artist Meredith Hanson, the book is gorgeous—soothing water color illustrations that make you linger over each page, making the reader feel included in the imagination game too. 
  3. It’s about ability, not disability. Too many stories about characters with disabilities feature the disability. “Magic Eyes” focuses on a boy, his creativity, and the ideas he has in his heart. It is only later that we (and his friends) learn that he is blind. 
  4. There’s a gem on every page, just for kids. Hidden in the gorgeous illustrations are easter eggs young readers will delight in discovering. (And maybe while away hours doing so—you’re welcome parents.)
  5. Proceeds from “Magic Eyes” go to benefit Perkins School for the Blind. And we would love “Magic Eyes” just as much if this weren’t the case. Three cheers to author Lauren Fornes, a Perkins mother and trustee, for pouring her heart into this story, and finding a way to bring “Magic Eyes” to life. We’re grateful to know her, her son, and her family. 

We hope you enjoy “Magic Eyes” just as much as we did. Purchase one for your family, or gift a copy to a teacher or friend. 

We believe every child can learn, and that includes children with the leading cause of childhood blindness, Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment.

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