Hindenburg ABC: Studio Recording and Editing Software for Libraries for the Blind creating audio books in NLS DTB format

Thank you for your interest in the Hindenburg software. The Perkins Library is a sales portal for Hindenburg’s NLS version of their studio recording and editing software, known as “Hindenburg ABC” or “HABC”.

We offer this service for libraries and companies that are prohibited from buying from international companies. We charge approximately 10% over the special discounted price for this service.

If your company or organization is not prohibited from purchasing internationally, you can purchase it directly from Chris Mottes, the CEO of Hindenburg.

Non-profit NLS affiliated libraries receive a discount of 35-40% off of the list price.

The two licensing options for Hindenburg are a subscription model, or a per seat license. Shown below as Choice A and Choice B.

Choice A: The Subscription

The subscription has a 3 year minimum with a 3% increase each year. This includes the use of the Hindenburg software, and full online and telephone support. It also includes unlimited software upgrades during the 3 year subscription period. This subscription is renewable on a per year basis after 3 years. If at some point you choose not to renew your subscription, you will no longer be able to use the software. This option also makes available to you, a fee based temporary 6 month or 1 year license that allows users to work from home, or from a portable computer.

Choice B: The Per-Seat Option

The per-seat option allows you to own the Hindenburg software. You purchase the software once, and it is yours to use forever. This option will give you the latest version of the software, but does not include future software upgrades and technical support is limited to 30 days of telephone support as well as some limited online support. This per-seat option does allow you to purchase an add-on support and software package for an additional annual cost. This add-on package gives you unlimited telephone and online support as well as unlimited software upgrades as long as your add-on package is active.

For more information, please contact Chris Mottes via email at: Sales@Hindenburg.com or visit Hindenburg.com