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Perkins Library isn't just for adults. PerKIDS can help get your children excited about reading through fun activities, seasonal programming and accessible games. Contact the children's librarian by calling 617-972-7242 or 1-800-852-3133 or emailing

The activities and contests listed below are not all programs of the Perkins Library, but have been gathered together here as a service. For questions about any items listed, click on the link provided for more details.

Summer Reading Program

Check back in the spring for updates on our 2019 summer reading program. Our theme is space! 

Free Downloadable Audio Books for Kids

Download classic stories in MP3 format from Audio Stories for Children. Also, check out this source of over 200 MP3 Kid's Audio Books! (And don't forget that all Perkins patrons in Massachusetts are eligible for free subscriptions with Bookshare.)

Braille Drawings

Braille drawings are a fun and creative way to learn about braille and to share the importance of braille literacy in a fun way. Find instructions for how to create drawings and discover how to send drawings that you come up with on your own. 

Funky Braille Rap

Check out this funky braille rap! Click to listen to the MP3. The Braille Rap Song was written by Lynn Horton and Tammy Whitten as a fun way to teach braille to their students at the Helen Keller School located in Talladega, AL. Visit the Braille Rap Song page for the lyrics and for more information.

Anna's Angels

Through "Anna's Book Angel Program" at Seedlings Braille Books for Children, hundreds of braille books are being made in loving memory of Anna Kristina Bonde and given away free to children around the world. 

Register online or call Seedlings at 800-777-8552. Seedlings will pick at least 10 children each week and send them one free book from his or her "wish list."

Toy Guide

Are you having difficulty finding toys and games that are accessible and fun to play with? The free Toys 'R' Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids lists great accessible toys that are available nationally. Check out the Toy Guide or call the National Lekotek Center at 800-366-PLAY. Also take a look at this list from Wonder Baby focused on toys friendly to children who are blind or visually impaired,  and these options from Enabling Devices, Adaptive Tech Solutions, or eSpecial Needs.