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Free printable worksheets and free book images that can be used for customizable CVI resources and tactile graphics!

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Educators are always looking for free educational resources! Have you heard about As an educator, I am all about free resources like Kizclub that can make my job easier! This website has printable worksheets and images covering a wide variety of topics, organized by:

Interactive Book Images

Under Stories and Props, are images from your favorite preschool and early elementary books! The images are available in color or black and white. Educators are using these simple images to create interactive stories, customized worksheets, and other related activities. TSVIs are using these images to create customized resources for students who are BLV. These images are wonderful for customized resources for students with CVI or for students who thrive with simple images on uncluttered backgrounds. Print out the black and white images with a tactile graphics machine (PIAF or Swell machine) to create raised line images to accompany the story. Raised line illustrations provide so much joy to emerging and young readers – and are a critical piece of concept development for tactile learners!

In the TickTok video below, Mrs. Tameka demonstrates how she finds and downloads images for the Froggy Get Dressed book to use in her classroom.

by Diane Brauner

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Graphic: "Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers"

Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers

PIAF machine: A "P" alphabet braille page (pig with braille and print letter P) being entered into a PIAF machine.

Creating Tactile Graphic Images Part 3: Tips for Embossing

Home Screen image for Word Melodies app with cartoon animals, music notes and 2 buttons: Exercises and Settings

Word Melodies: Emerging Reading and Writing App