Shark Tank spotlight

One idea can change everything

For over 100 years, participants in the Perkins International Educational Leadership Program (ELP) have traveled from across the globe to take part in an immersive education experience on our campus.

Perkins Shark Tank is part of the ELP experience: an opportunity to design an innovative project, work with a mentor to develop a pitch, and present to investors with the power to turn a big dream into a big change for children. 

Perkins Shark Tank matches innovative ideas to help children with disabilities learn with investment capital to make these ideas a reality. These leaders return home with world class training and a supportive global network, ready to teach children, change policy, and help build inclusive education for all children. 

Shark Tank 2024

For 8 years, the generosity of Shark Tank donors has provided 64 grants to 35 countries. Here is a quick overview on our current class’s projects.

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AACtion! A Comprehensive Approach to Communication and Calendars

Valentina (Chile)

Valentina will strengthen and systematize the use of Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) and calendar systems for students with multiple disabilities by planning and implementing theoretical and practical training for staff and students’ families.

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Learning without Barriers: Transforming Education for Every Child

Jovana (Serbia)

Jovana plans to establish a model classroom for students with communication difficulties and multiple disabilities with the application of assessments, environment adaptations, and the implementation of assistive technology, methods, and strategies learned at Perkins.

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Building a Resource Center for Children with Complex Disabilities

Lily (Indonesia)

Lily is developing a resource center at a National Eye Center to provide detection, early intervention, training, advocacy for children and family, while building a Data Registry System of children with multiple disabilities for a better quality of life.

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Identifying and Preparing Children with Deafblindness

Matarr (The Gambia)

Matarr plans to start a resource center by establishing an adaptive classroom that will give access to education and communication while empowering individuals with Deafblindness which will serve as a resource hub.

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Enhancing Communication for Preschool Children with MDVI

Shushanik (Armenia)

Shushanik will conduct trainings for special educators in the areas of communication, alternative and augmentative communication methods, literacy, and story boxes which will be implemented for preschoolers.

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Early Buds: An Inclusive Infant Toddler Program

Sini (India)

Sini plans to launch an inclusive infant-toddler program within a school, with the goal of providing them with crucial school readiness skills while simultaneously minimizing the impact of disabilities.

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Let’s Make it Accessible

Tasneem (Jerusalem)

Tasneem will develop an Assistive Device Center (ADC) to design and create cardboard assistive devices to make environments and activities accessible to students with multiple disabilities.

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Reaching Across

Babylene (Philippines)

Babylene plans to create a Resource Guide for teachers and service providers which will provide policies, instructional support, techniques, and methods of teaching to assist special education teachers and service providers in designing the most appropriate and effective educational program for students with multiple disabilities.

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