Class of 2024 members

  • Babylene headshot

    Babylene Palma

    Special Education Teacher, Philippines
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  • Jovana headshot

    Jovana Krstić

    Special Education Teacher, Serbia
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  • Dr. Lily headshot

    Dr. Lily Cahyani Tandililing

    Pediatrician at the National Eye Center, Indonesia
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  • Matarr Jagne

    Education Officer for the Ministry of Education, Gambia
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  • Shushanik Dumikyan

    Special Education Teacher & Trainer, Armenia
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  • Sini headshot

    Sini Regi Thomas

    Head of Department of Special Educational Needs, India
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  • Tasneem Siag

    Occupational Therapist, Jerusalem
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  • Valentina Fernandez

    Special Education Teacher, Chile
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