ELP graduates

  • Weningsih “Weni”

    Educational Specialist, Asia Pacific Region
    Meet Weningsih
  • Headshot of Masfufah


    Principal at the Matahati School for Children with Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairments/Deafblindness
  • Headshot of Wilson Abugri

    Wilson Abugri

    Head of Unit for the Blind, Cape Coast School for the Deaf and Blind
  • Headshot of Moatasem Afaneh

    Moatasem Afaneh

    Occupational Therapist
  • Headshot of Nina Akuorkor Afutu

    Nina Akuorkor Afutu

    Teacher at the Demonstration School for the Deaf in Mampong Akuapem
  • Headshot of Ana

    Ana Lilia Alvarez Blanco

    Special Educator for the Ministry of Education in Costa Rica
  • Headshot of Isabel Amaral

    Isabel Amaral

    Coordinator of the Speech and Language Pathologist training program at the School of Health of the Polytechnic Institute of Setubal in Portugal.
  • Headshot of Veronica Angelino

    Veronica Angelino

    Coordinator of ACIPDIM and Professor at the National University of Rio Cuarto
  • Headshot of Mirla Arcos

    Mirla Arcos

    Community Outreach Coordinator at Central University in Chile
  • Headshot of Samir Ashmawy

    Samir Ashmawy

    Educator of children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities at Nida Society.
  • Headshot of Millicent Ayitey

    Millicent Ayitey

    Teacher at Akropong School for the Blind in Akropong Akuapem
  • Headshot of Carolina Bahamonde

    Carolina Bahamonde

    Speech and Language Pathologist at Amapolas Special School. 
  • Headshot of Cornelia Bodorin

    Cornelia Bodorin

    Associate Professor at State Pedagogical University and Speech and Language Therapist at NGO VITA
  • Headshot of Martina Celizic

    Martina Celizic

    Educational Program Coordinator at Day Care Center for Rehabilitation “Mali dom-Zagreb”
  • Headshot of Rebecca Chelimo

    Rebecca Chelimo

    Training and Education Specialist at Research Triangle Institute International
  • Headshot of Chrissie Chikunkhuzeni

    Chikunkhuzeni Chrissie

    Lecturer at Montfort Special Needs Education College.
  • Headshot of Maria Aparecida Cormedi

    Maria Aparecida Cormedi

    Professor at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Headshot of Perla Corrales

    Perla Corrales

    Coordinator of Educational Inclusion at the Franciscan Institute for People with Visual Impairment
  • Headshot of Alburga D'Britto

    Alburga D’Britto

    Assistant Director and Coordinator of Deaf Blind Unit at Jeevan Jyoti Institute for the Disabled
  • सुप्रिया दास का एक हेडशॉट

    Supriya Das

    Project Coordinator
    Meet Supriya
  • Headshot of Supriyanto Dede

    Supriyanto Dede

    Teacher Trainer for the Indonesian Ministry of Education.
  • Headshot of Stalin Arul Regan Devadoss

    Stalin Arul Regan Devadoss

    Teacher at the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities
  • Headshot of Ani Dilanyan

    Ani Dilanyan

    Educator and Therapist at Specialized Children’s Home of Kharberd
  • Headshot of Ruchi Dixit

    Ruchi Dixit

    Co-founder and Director at Sankalp Pediatric rehabilitation Center, India
  • Headshot of Oriana Donoso

    Oriana Donoso

    Professor and Deputy Coordinator of a Master’s program at the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, Chile
  • Headshot of Anna Dorofeeva

    Anna Dorofeeva

    Teacher of the Visually Impaired at Special Boarding School #38
  • Headshot of Edith Dosha

    Edith Dosha

    Special Teacher at Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School
  • Claxton Duberry

    Diplomat of the Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations
  • Headshot of Mai Elkoduse

    Mai Elkoduse

    Special Educator at Nida Society
  • Headshot of Ombok Enock

    Ombok Enock

    Head Teacher at the Kuja Unit for the Deafblind.
  • Headshot of Perlaza Estefana

    Perlaza Estefana

    Special Education Teacher at Helen Keller National Education Center.
  • Headshot of Amal Ezzat

    Amal Ezzat

    Speech Therapist and Consultant at Nida Society Chairperson of the board of Hope City Foundation
  • A woman in a teal dress smiling

    Ameer Khan Fahmidah

    Manager at Special Olympics South Africa
  • Headshot of Graciela Ferioli

    Graciela Ferioli

    Former Regional Representative for Latin America & the Caribbean at Perkins International, Perkins School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Valeria Franco.

    Valeria Franco

    Quality Control Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean
    Meet Valeria
  • A photo of Othusitse Eric Gama

    Othusitse Eric Gama

    Educator at Bartimea School
  • Mei Gao wearing a brimmed hat and standing with her hands raised among mountains in the background

    Mei Gao

    Teacher at Shanghai School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Lindon George

    Lindon George

    Itinerant Teacher at the St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association
  • Headshot of Basem

    Basem Ahmed Abdel Ghaffar Mohamad

    Clinical Psychologist at University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • Daniela Gissara

    Assistant Director, International Partnerships
    Meet Daniela
  • Headshot of Benita Gonzalez

    Benita Gonzalez

    Teacher at the Olga Estrella Resource Center for the Visually Impaired
  • Headshot of Carmen Guerrero

    Carmen Guerrero

    Educational Program Manager at Fundal, Guatemala
  • Headshot of Burcu Gul

    Burcu Gul

    Special Education Teacher for the Ministry of Education
  • Headshot of Li Guo Qing

    Li GuoQing

    Teacher at Taiyuan School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Nguyen Thi Hang

    Nguyen Thi Hang

    Special Education Researcher for the Vietnamese Ministry of Education.
  • Headshot of Thao Hoang

    Thao Hoang

  • Headshot of Ruqian Huang

    Ruqian Huang

    Senior Teacher and Vice-researcher at Sichuan Institute of Education Sciences
  • Photo portrait of Jigna Joshi

    Jigna Joshi

    Project Manager at the Blind People’s Association, Center for Children with Special Needs in Ahmedabad, India.
  • Nikolina Juric Tanfara

    Program Manager
    Meet Nikolina
  • Headshot of Frank Kafui Kom

    Frank Kafui Kom

    Teacher at Demonstration School for the Deaf
  • Headshot of Stella Kamau

    Stella Kamau

    Education Consultant at the Jofreshua Achievers Special Centre
  • Headshot of Emi Kamei

    Emi Kamei

    Teacher at the Japan Deafblind Association.
  • Headshot of Arathi Kannan

    Arathi Kannan

    Project Coordinator at Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind, Bangalore, India
  • Headshot of Joyce Kanyongo

    Joyce Kanyong’o

    Lecturer at Montfort SNE College
  • Headshot of Lilit Karapetyan

    Lilit Karapetyan

    Lecturer and Chair of Special Pedagogy and Psychology at Armenian State Pedagogical University. Psychologist at the M. Izmirlyan Children’s Home
  • Headshot of Ashraf Karimi

    Ashraf Karimi

    Special Teacher at the Narjes School for the Blind
  • Photo of Malle Kariste with a city skyline behind her

    Malle Kariste

    Teacher at Tallinn Helen School and worker at Estonian Support Union of Deafblind
  • Headshot of Anne Kefa

    Anne Kefa

    Assistant EARC Coordinator at the Ministry of Education
  • Headshot of Benjamin Khiwele

    Benjamin Kihwele

    Program Officer at Sense International-Tanzania
  • Headshot of George Willy Kutosi

    George Willy Kutosi

    Lecturer at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda
  • Headshot of Ying Lei

    Ying Lei

    Teacher and Member of Resource Center at Chengdu School of Special Education
  • Photo portrait of Pikul Leosiripong

    Pikul Leosiripong

    Lecturer at Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Education.
  • Headshot of Celina Lesporis

    Celina Lesporis

    Teacher at the Special Education Centre in Vieux Fort
  • Headshot of Ming Liu

    Ming Liu

    Associate Professor in the Special Education Department at East China Normal University
  • Headshot of Mary Maragia

    Mary Maragia

    Teacher – In – Charge at the Deafblind Program, Kilimani Integrated School
  • Headshot of Marta Luczkow

    Luczkow Marta

    Special Educator and Low Vision Therapist at the Polish Association for Persons with Mental Disorders.
  • Karina Medina

    Meet Karina
  • Headshot of Irina Moiseeva

    Irina Moiseeva

    Educator and Psychologist at a School for deaf children. Interpreter for Usher Forum. Moscow, Russia
  • Headshot of Rajabu Mtunge

    Rajabu Mtunge

    Executive Director at DBAS
  • Headshot of Edmond Musoke

    Edmond Musoke

    Teacher at Uganda School for the Deaf – Ntinda
  • Headshot of Edwin Mwaura

    Edwin Mwaura

    Project Officer at Nairobi Family Support Services
  • Headshot of Natalia Nadal

    Natalia Nadal

    Psychologist at Asociacion Mexicana Anne Sullivan and at ASOMAS.
  • Headshot of Fiona Naidoo

    Fiona Naidoo Parker

    Occupational Therapist at private practice
  • Headshot of Mable Namata

    Mable Namata

    Teacher at St. Mark School for the Deaf
  • Headshot of Scovia Nansuwa

    Scovia Nansuwa

  • Headshot of Rabeya Yeasmin Neela

    Rabeya Yeasmin Neela

    Principal of Amar Joti School for children with special needs, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Headshot of Joyce Ngara

    Joyce Ng’ara

    Head Teacher at the Deafblind Unit at the Kwale School for Deaf
  • Headshot of Huong Nguyen

    Huong Nguyen

    Head of Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment Department at Nhat Hong Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Headshot of Ksenia Nikolaeva

    Ksenia Nikolaeva

    Teacher at Deafblind Support Foundation “Con-nection”
  • Headshot of Tereza Odlozilikova Janoskova

    Tereza Odlozilikova Janoskova

    Early Intervention Consultant at the Association for Early Intervention
  • Headshot of Oguntunde Omolola

    Oguntunde Omolola

    Learning Director of Happy Tots Enrichment Center.
  • Headshot of Claudia Orihuela

    Claudia Orihuela

    Specialist Teacher at Department of Special Education, Mexico D.F.
  • Headshot of Karina Osorio

    Karina Osorio

    Educational Coordinator at Amapolas Special School
  • Headshot of Shahanaz Parveen

    Shahanaz Parveen

    Senior Special Educator at the Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation. 
  • Ana Lucia Rago

    Meet Ana Lucia
  • Headshot of Anna Paykova

    Anna Paykova

    Educator and Psychologist at Center for Curative Pedagogics in Moscow
  • Headshot of Nu Thi Pham

    Nu Thi Pham

    Teacher at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Special School in Da Nang City
  • Headshot of Julieta Picasso Cazon

    Julieta Picasso Cazon

    Manager of Projects and Resources at Fatima Institution. Coordinator of the Sibling’s Area at APPASMA, Argentina
  • Headshot of Charlotte Poku

    Charlotte Poku

    Head of Deafblind Unit at Ghana Education Service, Ashanti School for the Deaf
  • Headshot of Melina Powell

    Melina Powell

    Teacher and Coordinator at Institucion Fatima for Children, Young and Adults with Deafblindness and Multiple Disabilities
  • Headshot of Ji Qin

    Ji Qin

    Teacher of children with multiple disabilities, including visual impairment
  • Headshot of Guiping Qu

    Guiping Qu

    Teacher at Qingdao School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Natalia Quintero

    Natalia Quintero

    Special Educator
  • Headshot of Samart Ratanasakorn

    Samart Ratanasakorn

    Senior Academic Officer at the Bureau of Special Education, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Headshot of Angel Nash

    Andrea Richards

    Special Education Teacher at the Ministry of Education
  • Headshot of Sonia Rivas

    Sonia Rivas

    Director of Education at FUNDAL, Fundacion Guatemalteca para Ninos con Sordoceguera Alex
  • Headshot of Ana Paola Rodea

    Ana Paola Rodea

    Education Coordinator
    Meet Ana Paola
  • Headshot of Christine Rodriguez

    Christine Rodriguez

    Dean of the College of Optometry at Manila Central University
  • Headshot of Paula Rubiolo

    Paula Rubiolo

    Public School Special Education Teacher and Professor at Cabred Institute – Provincial University in Cordoba Argentina. Consultant In Latin America & the Caribbean for Perkins International, Perkins School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Pinar Safak

    Pinar Safak

    Assistant Professor at Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Headshot of Carolyn Paz Sánchez Pérez

    Carolyn Paz Sánchez Pérez

    Director at Corporation for the Inclusion of People with Visual Impairments and Deafblindness. Coordinator of of Special Education Studies at Catholic University Silva Henriquez
  • Headshot of Trudy Segbefia

    Trudy Akusika Segbefia

    Special Education Coordinator at Ghana Education Service – Akuapem North Municipal Education Office. Consultant for Perkins International in Africa
  • Headshot of Mariam Shenoda

    Mariam Shenoda

    Special Educator and Psychologist at Caritas
  • Headshot of Sampada Shevde

    Sampada Shevde

    Senior Program Coordinator
    Meet Sampada
  • Headshot of Asma Shilpi Begum

    Asma Shilpi

    Senior Instructor at Child Development Centre – Dhaka Children’s Hospital
  • Headshot of Ausward

    Ausward Siwinda

    Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Headshot of Emanuela Stoilova

    Emanuela Stoilova

    Assistant Professor at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria
  • Headshot of Sr. Magdalena Sukiyam

    Sr. Magdalena Sukiyam

    Leader of Dena Upakara Foundation
  • Headshot of Anna Tahmazyan

    Anna Tahmazyan

    Psychologist at Gyumri Children’s Home
  • Headshot of Sandra Tamy-Russell

    Sandra Tamy-Russell

    Coordinator and Consultant at the Adjustment to Blindness Program
  • Headshot of Siriporn Tantaopas

    Siriporn Tantaopas

    Supervisor at Northern School for the Blind, Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Headshot of Lilly Jacqueline Tennant

    Lilly Jacqueline Tennant

    Associate Professor, Division Head – Counseling Heath and Special Education, Emirates College for Advanced Education, United Arab Emirates
  • Photo portrait of Pham Thanh

    Pham Thanh

    Teacher at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Keshari Thapa Rana

    Keshari Thapa Rana

    Head Teacher at the Purwanchal Gyanchakshu Vidyalaya School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Ratchaneekorn Tongsookdee

    Ratchaneekorn Tongsookdee

    Faculty Member at Chiang Mai University
  • Headshot of Monika Toth

    Monika Toth

    Supervisor of MDVI and Deafblind program at the School for the Blind in Budapest
  • Headshot of Ester Turnip

    Ester Turnip

    Teacher at SLB Ganda Rawinala
  • Tuti Hendrawati headshot

    Tuti Hendrawati

    Educational Consultant, Asia Pacific Region
    Meet Tuti
  • Headshot of Mira Tzvetkova Arsova

    Mira Tzvetkova-Arsova

    Associate Professor at Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Primary and Preschool Education, Department of Special Education and Speech Therapy, Bulgaria
  • Photo portrait of Polina Ulianova

    Polina Ulianova

    Supervisor at a Resource Center for Children with Hearing Impairment
  • Headshot of Derya Uyar

    Derya Uyar

    Teacher of the Visually Impaired
  • Headshot of Dr. Jan van Dijk

    Dr. Jan van Dijk

    Former Radboud University Professor, considered by many as “the father of deafblind education.”
  • Headshot of Maria Vazquez

    Maria Vazquez

    General Coordinator of ACIPDIM, Professor in Special Education at the National University of Rio Cuarto and Consultant for Perkins International in Latin America
  • Headshot of Krupa Bharat Velani

    Krupa Bharat Velani

    Project Coordinator at the Blind People’s Association in India
  • Rina Wigati

    Educational Specialist
  • Headshot of Stephanie Yang

    Stephanie Yang

    Teacher of Special Education at Huei-Ming School and Home for the Blind
  • Headshot of Genevieve Yin

    Genevieve Yin

    Teacher at Akropong School for the Blind. Ghana Education Service
  • Yueh-Hsia Moonset Yu

    Coordinator of Low Vision Services at The Blind and Visually Impaired Center, Monterey Country, California
  • Yu Zhao

    Director of Qixing Department at Beijing School for the Blind
  • Headshot of Lili Zhou

    Lili Zhou

    Teacher at Nanjing School for the Blind.
  • Headshot of Mary Basser

    Mary Bassey

    Teacher at Special Education Primary School in Calabar
  • Headshot of Mary Eskander

    Mary Eskander

    Manager of the Deafblind and Multiple Disability Unit at Nida Society
  • Headshot of Shinyoung Lee

    Shinyoung Lee

    Researcher and Lecturer at Daegu Cyber University
  • Headshot of Daudi Kabura

    Daudi Kabora

    Head of Visual Impairment Department at Patandi Teachers’ College of Special Needs
  • Headshot of Natalia Lopez

    Natalia Lopez

    Special Education Teacher at Salvadorean Foundation for Deafblindness and Multiple Disabilities (FUSSDIM)
  • Headshot of Kaiaue Manuel

    Kaique Manuel

    Physiotherapist at Educational Association for Multiple Disabilities Ahimsa
  • Headshot of Carmen Mariano

    Carmen Mariano

    Academic Coordinator at Hellen Keller School
  • Headshot of Susanna Muradyan

    Susanna Muradyan

    Associate Professor, Ph.D., in the Chair of special pedagogy and psychology at Armenian State Pedagogical University
  • Headshot of Phuong Linh Ngo Thuy

    Phuong Linh Ngo Thuy

    Early Intervention Teacher at the Center for Development and Support of Inclusive Education
  • Headshot of Molly Okomo

    Molly Okomo

    Head Teacher at Ngetta Girls Annex for the Blind Primary School
  • Headshot of Susanna Muradyan

    Tatiana Sopinskaia

    Preschool teacher at Municipal Budgetary Preschool
  • Headshot of Thanh Trinh Thi Thu

    Thanh Trinh Thi Thu

    Researcher at the National Center for Special Education, at The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences
  • Headshot of Ahn Vo Thi Ngoc

    Ahn Vo Thi Ngoc

    Teacher at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind
  • Casual portrait of Nyendo


    Principal at Changangkha Middle Secondary School
    Meet Nyendo
  • Casual portrait of Nehuen

    Nehuen Rodriguez Picatto

    Special Education Teacher at Fatima Institute
    Meet Nehuen
  • Angie

    Angelica Amatista Bastarrachea Fajardo

    Teacher at Centro de Atención Múltiple
    Meet Angelica
  • Casual portrait of Ivan

    Ivan Finamore Araujo

    Teacher at Instituto Benjamin Constant
    Meet Ivan
  • Casual portrait of Daniel

    Daniel Martinez

    Teacher at the Centro de Atencion Multiple Estala No. 15
    Meet Daniel
  • Casual portrait of Shefali

    Shefali Kalra

    Special Educator at Resource Centre for Persons with Disability
    Meet Shefali
  • Portrait of Jacquline Massawe

    Jacquline Massawe

    Teacher at Moivaro Primary School
    Meet Jacquline
  • Casual portrait of Emilce

    Ornella “Emilce” Mutti

    Teacher at The Helen Keller (Escuela)
    Meet Ornella
  • Casual portrait of Dechen

    Dechen Pelden

    Teacher at Changangkha Middle Secondary School
    Meet Dechen
  • Portrait of Beula, a woman with long black hair, brown skin, and a friendly smile.

    Beula Christy

    Head of Vision Rehabilitation Services at LVPEI
    Meet Beula
  • Dimitra Nellopoulou

    Teacher at SYZOI
    Meet Dimitra
  • Jie Shu Qu “Susan”

    Director & CEO at Bethel CHINA
    Meet Jie
  • Josély López

    Physiotherapist at FUNDAL
    Meet Josély
  • Leory Emiliano

    Teacher at Rosa L. Susano Novaliches Elementary School
    Meet Leory
  • Mary Grace Torres

    Parent Leader and Volunteer for PAVIC
    Meet Mary
  • Mihir J. Jani

    Project Coordinator at Blind People’s Association
    Meet Mihir
  • Pema Choden

    Deputy Chief Program Officer at the Ministry of Education
    Meet Pema
  • Saul Shimon Juarez Santillan

    School Principal
    Meet Saul
  • Srdan Lukic

    Special Education Teacher at Milan Petrovic
    Meet Srdan
  • Vijay Shankar Sharma

    Professor at DSM National Rehabilitation University
    Meet Vijay


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