A visually impaired little girl using brailler with guidance from her teacher.

Real and possible

Transformational teacher professional development in practice.

Read three examples of how effective teacher professional development practices are being used in three GPE partner countries.

Building up model programs

Model programs provide top-quality services and play an important role in expanding services by demonstrating best practices and showing others what is possible for children with multiple disabilities.  

A male student using a braille book at a classroom table with his teacher.

The Perkins roadmap

Perkins offers a roadmap and technical support for programs aspiring to become models. This includes holistic program evaluation, leading to design and implementation of comprehensive and systematic training and coaching plans for staff and program leadership.

A teacher speaking to a small classroom group.

Leadership development and support

Quality educational programs require a committed leader who drives and supports the continual program improvement and growth.  Perkins’ customized leadership development and support may include co-creating strategic plans/annual operating plans, partnering in supporting implementation and management and more.

A teacher and young girl reading together at a desk

Staff training and coaching

Our tailor-made, comprehensive and systematic staff training and coaching includes onsite, online and virtual skill-based trainings; mentoring and coaching; focused study visits; and more.

A visually impaired boy reading braille at a table alongside his teacher.

Study visits

For the past 100 years Perkins has been welcoming visitors from around the world to share and learn. We invite you to join us on our historic campus in the greater effort to ensure all children, including those with disabilities, are given access to quality education.

Two small toddler children in bucket seats with many teachers surrounding holding up pointer fingers

What can Perkins do for you?

If your organization serves children with multiple disabilities, Perkins School for the Blind is here to help, with training, development, on-site study visits and more.

Katie Holland Executive Director of Perkins International

“In every region of the world, Perkins partners with parents, schools and governments to meet children where they are. At home, in community programs, in the health system, in public or private schools, Perkins makes sure these children are seen and we help create or connect the services to keep them on a path to learning.”

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A group of students standing in a circle in front of a large globe
Educational Leadership Program

Educators from around the globe participate in the Educational Leadership Program. The result is transformational.

A teacher and student smiling together while signing.
Blended training course

The first-ever international competency standard for teachers working with children with multiple disabilities and sensory loss.

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The Perkins Effect

Help us ensure that highly-trained professionals and transformative educational opportunities will always be there when children need them most. Support Perkins International and be a part of #ThePerkinsEffect.

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