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We don’t build schools — we build capacity.

Perkins International helps make systemic change for children with multiple disabilities at all levels from the ground up. With Perkins training and coaching, community members, educators and policy makers recognize that all children can learn. That’s why we work to help teachers acquire the skills and knowledge to create innovative programs for children.

Key information

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Educational Leadership Program

The Educational Leadership Program (ELP) offers advanced training to teachers of the visually impaired and other professionals from developing nations.

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Perkins International Academy

Perkins International Academy courses are designed to give more children around the world access to Perkins-trained teachers.

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Custom program assessment, training and coaching

Together with you, we design tailor-made solutions to put your program, staff and leadership development on the path to excellence in education for children with multiple disabilities. 

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Success stories

Graduates of our training programs are making a difference for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities around the world.

Joyce Ng’ara Head Teacher at the Deafblind Unit at the Kwale School for Deaf, Kenya. ELP Graduate Class of 2015

“I have been able to stand firm as an advocate for the learners and request for their right at school without fear.”

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Success stories

How our graduates are making a difference for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities around the world.

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Making education accessible

Perkins builds with our partners the networks that sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and community life.

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Supporting children to learn

Perkins works with families, educators and local community members to make sure every child is included.

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