A little girl holding an eye tool.


Inclusion matters.

Perkins International helps ensure children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities are included by identifying each child’s individual learning needs, connecting them to the special support and services they need to learn, and helping to develop these services where none currently exist.

Their dreams are waiting.

How do you build a future?

Together with families, we dream of a future for children after they finish school, based on what the children love best. And from this dream comes a plan for a quality school program that systematically prepares students to successfully move on from school to adult life. From the plan emerges the capacity of the child to live a rich, meaningful and balanced life.

Around the world, we work with local programs to develop effective transition models, preparing students with independent living and vocational skills, and enabling them to move on to adult life as valued and contributing members of their families and communities.

The dreams and possibilities are endless.

A group of adults helping a group of children stir a mixture in a bowl.

Making it all possible

Discover how we’re meeting children where they are, around the world.

A young boy holding a bowl of liquid.

Helping young children start strong

We’re reaching parents and their babies at places like Baby Camp in Indonesia.

A young boy playing with building blocks.

Making learning fun for all

Children with disabilities in Bhutan now have a uniquely inclusive and uniquely Bhutanese set of toys, Bhutan Blocks, for classroom learning.

A man and a women helping a young student in their wheelchair.

Transforming education in Latin America

Hailing from Brazil, Chile and El Salvador, three professionals hope to improve life for children with multiple disabilities in their countries.

A women speaking to a young girl.

A ‘Small Home’ gives hope to Croatian kids

Before Mali dom was founded, children and young adults with multiple disabilities in Croatia would simply be left at home. Now, they have a place to learn and thrive.

A teacher helping her female student read braill.

A model for inclusive education in Kenya

Kilimani Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya serves as a model program for inclusive education.

A women and a girl smiling and hugging for a photo.

School in Egypt sparks shift in multiple disabilities education

Perkins International works in Egypt to put expertise into the hands of the country’s changemakers — those educational professionals positioned to improve the lives of children with multiple disabilities.

Two female teachers working with young male students in a classroom.

Perkins India

Perkins India brings learning to the estimated 1 million children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment in India–80 percent of whom are currently not attending school.

Hao Ruifen (郝瑞芬) Teacher from Datong Nanjiao Special School

“Before…we thought it was good to give children and families financial help. But now, we changed our minds. We need to understand and respect children and their families. We need to work as a team to help children grow independently. We need to help children get to school. We clearly know our duty now. ‘All children can learn.’ We help children have a better future.”

A group of people smile and raise their hands in the air with the Perkins tower and trees standing behind them.

Educating leaders

How our graduates are making a difference for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities around the world.

A young girl hugging and smiling with a women.

Making education accessible

Perkins builds with our partners the networks that sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and community life.

A women using hand expressions with a young girl.

Equipping adults to teach

We work to help teachers acquire the skills and knowledge to create innovative programs for children.

Making strides every day

Children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities are one step closer to reaching their full potential because of our work. We invite you to be the first to hear their amazing stories by signing up for our International newsletter.