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The right to learn and thrive

Making education accessible

In Serbia and Croatia, Perkins models best practices and brings quality education to children with complex needs. Knowing that in these countries children with complex needs are at great risk to be put in institutional care, Perkins aims to support deinstitutionalization.

Making education possible

Discover how we are transforming education in Serbia and Croatia.

We meet children where they are

We meet children wherever they are and create an environment where they can learn and thrive – at home, in an orphanage, at schools or in community programs.

We empower and equip the educators

Our tailored training programs support educators with the skills and knowledge they need to address the educational needs of children with complex disabilities and visual impairments. Through our Center of Excellence based in Croatia we model best practices and provide additional support and mentoring.

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We collaborate with partners to bring systemic change

In partnership with community programs, schools, orphanages, hospitals, universities, and governments we create systemic change in education for children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment. Through our work we prevent institutionalization and create settings where every child can learn and thrive.

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Our work in action

Dorotea Iverac Special education teacher, Croatia

“Perkins’ training improved my assessment skills, I learned how to adapt my students environment and didactic materials. More importantly, the training reminded me how much I enjoy working with students with visual impairment.”

Perkins in Europe and Eurasia

Perkins started its groundbreaking work in Europe and Eurasia region 29 years ago. Now and always, Perkins stands on the forefront of bringing quality education to children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities. Reaching them wherever they might be, while driven by the idea that every child can learn, continues to be Perkins ongoing mission.

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Perkins in Armenia

In Armenia, Perkins partners with the government, educators and families to create an environment where children with complex disabilities and vision impairments can learn and thrive.

Perkins International

Perkins International works to make education accessible to all children—wherever they are and whatever their ability.

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