Our Team Biographies

Perkins International team work in a variety capacities to further the development of education and resources for children with visual impairments around the globe. From authoring books and designing curricula, to training students and new teachers, these individuals continue to make a profound impact on the lives of children with visual impairments and their families.

Asia & the Pacific: Meet Deborah Gleason

Portrait of Deborah Gleason.Deborah Gleason has three decades of experience building the capacity of services for children who are deafblind or blind with multiple disabilities in developing countries.

She also has extensive undergraduate and graduate teaching experience, including with the development of distance education programs.

Gleason has been affiliated with Perkins since 1980.

She earned her master’s degree in Special Education from Boston College, specializing in deafblindness and multi-handicapped education. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary and Special Education from Boston College, and a post-graduate certificate in International Development from Gallaudet University.

Gleason has authored several books and articles on the assessment and education of children with visual and/or multiple disabilities. She previously served as Vice Chair of the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Early Childhood Advisory Council, and as a board member of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER).

Gleason received AER’s award for Outstanding Practice in Services to Children and their Families in 2004, and the association’s Award of Excellence in 1991.


Deborah Gleason
Regional Coordinator - Asia & the Pacific

Europe & Eurasia: Meet Darija Udovicic

Darija Udovicic Mahmuljin is Regional Director Europe & Eurasia at Perkins International. She has over 20 years of experience of working in the field of  multiple disabilities, visual impairment and deaf blindness. 

She is an experienced director with a history of international activities, including leading projects and research. Darija has extensive knowledge and experience in deafblindness and multiple disability assessment, early intervention and educational programs.  She has established programs that provide highly specialized and comprehensive services to children with visual impairments and other multiple disabilities as well as deaf blind children and young adults. Darija has led numerous national and international projects with an emphasis on getting professionals from different scientific and academic background to work together on a variety of topics related to the improvement of the education and rehabilitation of infants, children and young adults . She has developed and led projects with UNICEF that led to changes of the legal framework in Croatia for children with disabilities.

She is very active in national and international associations and has presented at numerous conferences. Among others, she is an Advisor of the Board for International Council of People who are Visually Impaired –Europe, a member of Early Intervention IG of EASPD (Europeans Association of Service Providers), and EURLYAID, Board member of Croatian Academy of Neurodevelopemental Rehabilitation.



Darija Udovicic
Regional Coordinator - Europe & Eurasia

Latin America & the Carribbean: Meet Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

Portrait of Gloria Rodriguez-Gil.Gloria Rodriguez-Gil, who was named Regional Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean in 2014, has worked in the field of special education for 29 years.

Rodriguez-Gil has extensive knowledge and experience in deafblindness and multiple disability education. Her leadership efforts began as an innovative teacher, founder and developer at the first deafblind education program in Central America. She was also co-creator of the first master’s degree program in multiple disability and deafblind education at the prestigious Universidad de Costa Rica.

For her accomplishments, Rodriguez-Gil received several study scholarships, including a grant awarded by the Hilton-Perkins Program (now Perkins International) to obtain her master’s degree in Special Education from Boston College, with a specialization in Low Incidence Disabilities and emphasis on Deafblindness.

Rodriguez-Gil previously served as an Educational Specialist and writer for California Deaf-Blind Services, as the Bilingual Coordinator for the federally-funded Project SALUTE, and as an international consultant for Perkins International in Latin America.


Gloria Rodriguez-Gill
Regional Coordinator - Latin America & the Caribbean

Perkins' Educational Leadership Program: Meet Marianne Riggio

Portrait of Marianne Riggio.Marianne Riggio is well known worldwide as an expert in the field of deafblindness.

She is the co-author or editor of over 15 publications focusing on the education of children with deafblindness that are now used internationally as the basis of trainings for teachers, administrators and parents.

Riggio was named coordinator of Perkins’ Educational Leadership Program in 2012. Prior to her current role, she served as an Educational Consultant for Perkins International, and as a regional coordinator for both the Africa and Asia & Pacific regions.

Riggio earned a master’s degree in Multi-handicapped and Deafblind Education from Boston College, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Special and Elementary Education.

Over the years, Riggio has traveled to Israel, Ukraine, Jordan, Portugal, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Haiti to provide technical assistance to local partners.

Before she joined the Perkins International team, Riggio was the Project Director for the National Deafblind Training Project, which developed training institutes in deafblindess for teachers and parents.


Marianne Riggio
ELP Program Supervision