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Capacity building

Accessible education for all

We’re building a foundation so that every child in Mexico has access to education that is both accessible and adapted for their needs.

In Mexico today, more than 50% of children with multiple, complex disabilities are out of school, and most of those who are in school are in programs that need significant improvement. With the expert support and education provided by Perkins Project Pixan we are helping these children engage with family, school and community, leading to a more fulfilling life.

How do we help?

Transforming education in Mexico

By 2030, Perkins, in partnership with state Secretaries of Education and educators and parents, will increase access to quality education for children with multiple disabilities in Mexico. In alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our goal is to increase the enrollment of children with multiple disabilities in 11 states.

The public education system in Mexico includes special schools called CAMs (Centros de Atención Múltiple). With Perkins support and leadership, along with a network of local, regional and national partners, the goal is to help 31 public schools enhance their programs.

A girl holds a jar of paste, supported by adult hands.

Project Pixan’s impact during our first year

34,291 children reached.

33,241teachers and other professionals impacted.

322families engaged.

Inside the adaptive design center showing workbenches

Adaptive Design Center in Yucatán

In a special collaboration with the Secretary of Education of Yucatan, Perkins has established the first state of the art, adaptive design center in Merida, Mexico. The Center will build and provide ultra-low-cost adaptive furniture and equipment from locally available materials, all custom-built for individual children with physical disabilities in the state of Yucatan.

Adaptive Design Center

“For children with physical disabilities and sensory impairments, the devices built at the Center can make life and play accessible, and lead to a more engaging and fulfilling life.

We take pride in building adaptive furniture and equipment from locally available materials, all custom-built for individual children with physical disabilities.

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