Making education possible

Children with visual impairments are given access

Braille is used to give children who are blind and visually impaired access to the written word, and ultimately, the world. Thanks to our trailblazing work, children in every region of the world learn with the help of a Perkins-trained educator.

Access to Education

Every child can learn.

We can show you how. In this spirit, we advise governments, schools, hospitals, universities and civil society organizations on how to pursue excellence in the education of children and youth with multiple disabilities. Through innovative public-private partnerships, we do a comprehensive evaluation, and have the action planning, implementation and thought leadership required to enhance the quality and effectiveness of education programs all over the world.

“We thought we were going to have to repeal our training plans, but thanks to Perkins we’re able to continue to make progress even during the pandemic through virtual training and coaching.”  

Mr. Samart Ratanasakorn, Ph.D., Head of Curriculum and Instruction, Bangkok School for the Blind, Special Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Thailand

Perkins teacher screens a child for visual impairment in India

Making education accessible

Perkins transforms education with the implementation of different programs and a combined approach.   

A teacher and a male student working together to read Braille.

Inclusive national educational systems

Perkins helps governments and private partners set new education standards and raise up national centers of excellence serving children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities.

Two sets of hands using brailler.

Model programs 

Model programs provide quality services to children with multiple disabilities and their families. They help expand services in a region or country by demonstrating best practices and showing others what is possible for children with multiple disabilities.  

A mom holding her baby next to her son in front of a fence.

Family and community partnerships 

We foster parent support groups and local partnerships jointly committed to building a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for children now — and in the future. 

A older man speaks to a group of women in front of a large globe.

University-level training

By supporting the establishment of rigorous university programs, Perkins helps introduce special education as a career path for aspiring teachers, so that every child has a teacher trained to help them learn.

Teachers learning at a training course.

Leadership support

We advise leaders in strategic planning, staffing and day-to-day operations in their delivery of services to children with multiple disabilities. 

A teacher and a male student working together to read Braille.

Program quality indicators

Perkins Program Quality Indicators benchmark the quality of services provided in classrooms, schools or other educational settings that serve learners with multiple disabilities.

Two female teachers working with young male students in a classroom.

Start a conversation

Depending on the country you live in, please reach out to our regional leadership to start a conversation. 

Martha Majors Education Director, Perkins Deafblind Program

“Now we’re starting to train a significant number of changemakers from different disciplines. That’s how we’ll see systematic change to benefit children.”

Beatriz wraps her arms around Paris
Beatriz wraps her arms around Paris

Supporting children to learn

Perkins works with families, educators and local community members to make sure every child is included.

A women using hand expressions with a young girl.

Equipping adults to teach

We work to help teachers acquire the skills and knowledge to create innovative programs for children.

A group of people smile and raise their hands in the air with the Perkins tower and trees standing behind them.

Educating leaders

Our Educational Leadership Program prepares teachers from around the world to work with children with complex disabilities.

Every child wants to learn

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