Gloria Rodríguez-Gil

Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

Maísa Ferreira Owens

Program Manager, Latin American and the Caribbean

Valeria Franco

Quality Control Manager, Latin American and the Caribbean

Isabela Galarza

 Program Analyst, Latin America and the Caribbean

Mary Vazquez

Researcher, Latin American and the Caribbean

Marta Elena Ramírez

Representative, Mexico

Maricarmen Schleske

Family Coordinator, Mexico

Ana Paola Rodea

Education Coordinator, Mexico

Carlos Orizaba

Education Coordinator, Mexico

Lorena Levya

Education Coordinator, Mexico

Andrea Rocha

Education Coordinator, Mexico

Emelia Hernández

Education Coordinator, Mexico

Ana Lucia Rago

Representative, Brazil

Shirley Rodrigues Maia

Education Coordinator, Brazil

Paola Regina Bruno

Education Coordinator, Brazil

Lidiane Jacomini

Family Coordinator, Brazil

Karina Medina

Representative, Argentina

Daniel Cangelosi

Education Coordinator, Argentina

Flavia Chandía

Family Coordinator, Argentina

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