The right to learn

Education matters.

In Indonesia, primary age children with disabilities are nearly 11 times more likely to be out of school. As in many other countries, children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable to be excluded from quality of education. 

We work with a network of partners – schools, families, community-based programs, orphanages, hospitals, universities, and government to bring life-changing education to children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment in places where there is a great need, but often limited resources.

Making education possible

Discover how we are transforming education in Indonesia

We meet children where they are

We meet children wherever they are and support them on their journey to education – which may begin at home, in an orphanage, in a hospital, in a community program or at school. Perkins starts where children are so that no child is invisible or excluded.

We equip the adults who support children

Children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment rely on adults with the commitment and special skills to help them learn. Working with partners, we establish systems of support that set children on a path to education and empower families to support their learning.

Perkins works with families, educators and educational leaders, government officials across ministries and spanning local to national levels, local community members, health care providers, residential care providers and related NGOs to make sure every child is included.

We create roadmaps for achieving excellence

Indonesia, like all countries in the world, benefits from Centers of Excellence in education and services for children with disabilities. Centers of excellence elevate national networks – not only are best practices followed, best practices are taught to others.

We support our partners through a collaborative and expert quality indicator process, based upon evidence-based, locally responsive and agreed upon standards, creating a roadmap for achieving excellence.

A teacher showing material while a student is reading

Our work in action

Deborah Gleason Director, Asia and Pacific Region. Perkins School for the Blind

“Teachers in Indonesia are changing their beliefs about what is possible for children with multiple disabilities, they’re seeing them as regular kids who can learn and thrive just like their other students.”

Perkins India

Perkins India works to give every child who has multiple disabilities and a vision impairment the right start.

Perkins Asia

Perkins Asia meets children where they are. Perkins works with a network of partners to bring life-changing experiences to children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities in places where there is a great need.

Perkins International

Perkins International works to make education accessible to all children—wherever they are and whatever their ability.

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