Tereza Odlozilikova Janoskova

Picture of Tereza Odlozilikova
"We might 'see' a lot if we really want. "
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Czech Republic (Residence)
Czech Republic (Origin)

ELP class of 2010

Early Intervention Consultant at the Association for Early Intervention.

Assistive Technology
Daily Living Skills
Early Education
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Low Vision
Orientation and Mobility
Parenting and Family Support
Sensory Development

Tereza has been an early intervention consultant at the Association for Early Intervention, a non-governmental organization in the Czech Republic, since 2007. This organization provides professional services and consultations to families of children with disabilities and helps them so their children can be raised in their natural environment. As a new mother, Tereza now better understands how important it is to encourage parents to feel qualified to educate and support the development of their children.