Sonia Rivas

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"My experience as an ELP was one of the most valuable gifts in my personal and professional life. I learned the best skills to continue working and educating persons with multiple disabilities."
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Guatemala (Residence)
Guatemala (Origin)

ELP class of 2011

Director of Education at FUNDAL, Fundacion Guatemalteca para Ninos con Sordoceguera Alex

Administration and Management
Daily Living Skills
Early Education
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Orientation and Mobility
Parenting and Family Support
Recreation and Leisure/Play Skills
Sensory Development
Social Skills
Teaching MDVI/DB
Vocational Skills

Sonia is a physical therapist and the Educational Director of FUNDAL but she first started working as an early childhood teacher. She is an active member of The Huehuetenango Commission for Persons with Disabilities and serves as an advocate and a trainer. She has proudly received an Excellence Award sponsored by the Ministry of Labor in Guatemala.