Rajabu Mtunge

Photo of Rajabu Mtunge
"Working with people with special needs is an important part of my life. When I support them I feel happier. Let us work as a team to assist them."
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Tanzania (Residence)
Tanzania (Origin)

ELP class of 2012

Executive Director at DBAS

Academics/Functional Academics
Daily Living Skills
Low Vision
Orientation and Mobility
Recreation and Leisure/Play Skills
Teacher Training
Teaching MDVI/DB

Rajabu is the executive director at Deafblind Assistance Services (DBAS). He has participated in the preparation of curriculum for the community-based education in Tanzania, trained specialist teachers at Patandi Teachers College's Visual Impairment Department, conducted training for community leaders in Arusha region, and mobilizing a group and registered an NGO dealing with children with multiple disabilities and deafblindness in Tanzania.