Nina Akuorkor Afutu

Photo of Nina Akuorkor Afutu
"Love, patience and time used in educating and training persons with deafblindness go a long way toward helping them achieve their fullest potential in life."
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Ghana (Residence)
Ghana (Origin)

ELP class of 2006

Teacher at the Demonstration School for the Deaf in Mampong Akuapem

Teacher Training
Teaching MDVI/DB

Nina is a teacher at the Demonstration School for the Deaf (Centre for Deafblind Children) in Mampong, Ghana. She has been a teacher of the deafblind, blind and visually impaired for over sixteen years. She has a vast experience in working with children of varied age groups, and has written articles for the DbI Review Magazine. She is also a member of the Good Start early intervention team.