Julieta Picasso Cazon

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"My experience in the ELP not only gave me many tools for professional development, but it changed my view about my profession in a positive way. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and I hope to spend my life honoring it, working with all the students, siblings, and families requiring support."
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Argentina (Residence)
Argentina (Origin)

ELP class of 2009

Manager of Projects and Resources at Fatima Institution. Coordinator of the Sibling's Area at APPASMA, Argentina

Parenting and Family Support

Julieta works in Argentina as the manager of projects and resources at the Fatima Institution and as coordinator of the Siblings' Area at APPASMA (Argentinian Association for Parents of People with Deafblindness and Multiple Disabilities). She has a degree in psychology with a focus on working with deafblind people's families. She works in fundraising and organizing events for siblings in Guatemala and several provinces of Argentina. She also offers briefings in schools to provide different emotional and relational tools for deafblind students and their siblings.