Cornelia Bodorin

Photo of Cornelia Bodorin
"My study at Perkins has a great scientific and practical significance for Moldova."
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Republic of Moldova (Residence)
Republic of Moldova (Origin)

ELP class of 2016

Associate Professor at State Pedagogical University and Speech and Language Therapist at NGO VITA

Academics/Functional Academics
Administration and Management
Low Vision
Sensory Development
Teacher Training
Teaching MDVI/DB

Cornelia is an associate professor at the State Pedagogical University, where she teaches future special educators and a speech therapist in Chisinau. She earned her doctorate degree in in special psychology in 2003 and is currently working toward a second PhD in special pedagogy. Cornelia has also published a textbook, worked as a researcher on inclusive education projects with colleagues from Spain, Belarus and Ukraine, and founded VITA - a nongovernmental organization that provides mental health consultations and services.