Benjamin Kihwele

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"The spirit of knowledge sharing offered by ELP is not throwing a fist in the air, but a true commitment that changes the lives of children with disabilities around the globe. I'm proud that I gained the knowledge to make such changes happen."
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Tanzania (Residence)
Tanzania (Origin)

ELP class of 2015

Program Officer at Sense International-Tanzania

Academics/Functional Academics
Assistive Technology
Daily Living Skills
Early Education
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Low Vision
Music Therapy
Orientation and Mobility
Parenting and Family Support
Recreation and Leisure/Play Skills
Sensory Development
Sex Education
Social Skills
Teacher Training
Teaching MDVI/DB
Transition Planning
Vocational Skills

Benjamin is a program officer at Sense International in Tanzania, an organization that works to empower deafblind/MSI people and their families. Previously he worked for the government of Tanzania as a special needs education officer in the Mufindi district, and before that as a teacher of the deaf at Iringa School for the deaf. He holds a bachelor's degree in special needs education with a focus on cognitive disabilities from Tumaini University in Tanzania.