A teacher and a student holding up artwork

The right to learn

Inclusion matters.

Inclusive education provides all students with the tools they need to learn and thrive. Perkins works with public schools, non-formal education programs, early childhood centers, and families to develop culturally contextualized models.

Making education possible

Transforming a national education system.

Building inclusion from the ground up

Perkins provides a sustained focus on transition planning for students with complex disabilities, support for the development of a parent group, early childhood education for children with disabilities, and strong collaboration with the Ministry of Education on creating a curriculum to provide appropriate education for children with special learning needs.

Enhancing local capacity

Children with disabilities rely on adults with the commitment and special skills to help them learn. Perkins mentoring and training provides the skills and knowledge educators and parents need to address the developmental and learning needs of children with complex disabilities. We develop materials that are culturally sensitive, relevant, and inclusive.   

Systemic change through collaboration

Perkins works with families, educators and educational leaders, government officials across ministries and related NGOs to make sure every child is included.

Parent of a child with visual impairment and cerebral palsy

Our work in action

Prashanti Pradhan

“Learning to dream with the Perkins consultants … for the first time, I was seeing my son as a person, not just this little boy I was responsible for.  Now I make sure I am respecting him as a person as I plan his future.”

Perkins India

Perkins India works to give every child who has multiple disabilities and a vision impairment the right start.

Perkins Asia

Perkins Asia meets children where they are. Perkins works with a network of partners to bring life-changing experiences to children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities in places where there is a great need.

Perkins International

Perkins International works to make education accessible to all children—wherever they are and whatever their ability.

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