Perkins in Armenia

Shaping systemic change in Armenia

In Armenia, Perkins partners with the government, educators and families to create an environment where children with disabilities unlock learning and define their own success.

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The right to learn

Making education accessible

In many countries in the world, children with complex disabilities and visual impairments are deprived from receiving a good quality education. In Armenia, they are also more likely to grow up in an orphanage.

Perkins in Armenia partners with global and local networks of schools, orphanages, hospitals, universities, and governments – creating systemic change by modeling best practices, bringing education to children wherever they are, and transforming institutions.

Making education possible

Discover how we are transforming education in Armenia.

We meet children where they are

Perkins meets children wherever they are and creates an environment where they can unlock learning and define their own success—at home, in an orphanage, at schools or in community programs.

We empower and equip the educators

Our tailored training programs support educators with the skills and knowledge they need to address the educational needs of children with complex disabilities and visual impairments.

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We collaborate with partners to bring systemic change

Perkins in Armenia creates partnerships at all levels of the education system – with schools, families, government, NGO’s, orphanages, community based programs, university, and support centers for inclusion.

This best practice allows us to create change at a country level and transforms a highly institutionalized country into an inclusive society that makes education accessible for all.

A boy in a classroom playing with a colorful toy with beads and wires as his teacher smiles across from him

Our work in action

Susanna Muradyan Associate Professor, Ph.D. Armenian State Pedagogical University

“Being part of Perkins’ work in Armenia has given me the opportunity to learn more in depth about children with complex disabilities and visual impairments”

Perkins India

Perkins India works to give every child who has multiple disabilities and a vision impairment the right start.

A child assisted by a teacher in finger painting.

Perkins Mexico

In Mexico, Perkins helps partners set new education standards and raise up national centers of excellence serving children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities.

Perkins International

Perkins International works to make education accessible to all children—wherever they are and whatever their ability.

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