Study Visit Program

Since launching Perkins International Academy, our expert teachers have traveled the world to train special educators, qualifying them to work with children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities.

The Perkins Study Visit Program builds on those efforts by working in the opposite direction bringing educators, service providers, medical professionals, government leaders and parents from around the world to our campus for an unparalleled learning experience.

Through the Study Visit Program:

  • We open our world-class programs, conducted both on campus and throughout our surrounding communities, to offer hands-on learning and in-depth observational experiences.
  • We connect visiting stakeholders with a wide variety of Perkins leaders and teachers in relevant education departments for strategic discussion, learning and planning.
  • And because we use a customized approach attuned to regional challenges when developing each curriculum, we support the unique goals of every visiting group.

We invite you to join us, to come study on our historic campus, in the greater effort to ensure all children, including those with disabilities, are given access to a quality education. Contact us for more info »

Why make the journey?

Each year, we enroll about 200 students on campus in Watertown, Massachusetts; provide services and resources to hundreds of thousands of children, educators and families throughout the United States; and, through our international efforts, reach millions globally. As a result, we have an acute understanding of the intricacies of succeeding on the ground, as well as how to address systemic problems. By sharing our know-how where it was cultivated, we’re able to offer a completely unique and resource-intensive learning experience.