Multiple Disabilities and Sensory Loss – Foundations Level

Education of Learners with Multiple Disabilities and Sensory Loss – Foundations Level establishes the first-ever international competency standard for teachers working with children with multiple disabilities.

Participants who successfully complete the Foundations Level course will earn a certificate demonstrating their competency in the knowledge and skills required to deliver high-quality special education services.

For government ministries, these Perkins certificates can also be cobranded with your endorsement to help your country achieve measurable progress toward Goal 4 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Foundations Level curriculum can be adapted for in-person training, online learning, or combined for an in-person/online hybrid training model.

The course is delivered by certified Perkins trainers and broken down into four modules, each lasting between 10 and 20 hours.

Module 1: Learners with Multiple Disabilities and Sensory Loss

Participants will learn about the diversity and life experiences of people with multiple disabilities and sensory loss, including deafblindness. They will also learn about accommodations and strategies that will enable them to have the maximum access to learning. Participants will learn about vision, hearing, touch, motor skills and sensory functioning.

Module 2: Communication and Language Development

Participants will gain an understanding that all children, even those with the most significant disabilities, are communicating with us every day. They will learn about the forms, functions, content and context of communication and the strategies for creating communication-rich environments that build relationships and become the foundation for all learning. Participants will walk away with the knowledge and skills to develop a basic communication system for learners who do not have any formal communication or language system.

Module 3: Assessment and Individualized Education Programs

This module will provide an overview of the critical considerations in the assessment of learners with multiple disabilities and sensory loss. The module will focus on the importance of observational assessment and the link between assessment and the development of individualized education programs.

Module 4: Curriculum and Teaching Strategies

Participants will learn about the important considerations in developing curriculum for learners who have multiple disabilities and sensory loss. They will learn the characteristics of meaningful curriculum. The module will reinforce that all learning should be founded in social communication.