Every child can learn

Children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities rely on adults with the commitment and special skills to help them learn. Perkins School for the Blind works with families, teachers, schools, doctors, hospitals, community leaders, universities and governments to make education accessible to all children—wherever they are and whatever their ability. Together with local collaborators, Perkins is planning to expand current deep impact in a few sites to national-level transformation in 18 countries by 2030. Our goal is to rebuild a world that includes the 240 million children with disabilities, everywhere, from the start.

Perkins believes every child can learn, and we can show you how.

Transforming education

More than 240 million children live with disabilities around the world. Perkins’ international programs change the landscape of education services to fit children, helping them learn and define their own success. In partnership with governments and civil societies, we set new standards for what is possible—for children with disabilities and for our world.

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Supporting children to learn

For a child with multiple disabilities, the journey to education may begin at home, in an orphanage, in a hospital, in a community program or at school. Perkins starts where children are so that no child is invisible or excluded.

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Equipping adults to teach

For 100 years, Perkins has been training leaders and educators who change the world for children in almost 100 countries. We provide a wide range of opportunities for professionals and family members to learn how to help children unlock opportunities.

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Making education accessible

For a child with disabilities to learn and define their own success, families, schools, hospitals, communities and governments must all work together. Perkins sets the standards and builds the networks that sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and community life.

240 millionThere are 240 million children with disabilities around the world.

100 yearsWe opened our campus to train global educators in 1920.

100 countriesOur graduates and partners hail from every region of the world.

Making a difference globally.

Thanh Trinh Thi Thu Researcher at the National Center for Special Education, at The Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, ELP graduate – Class of 2020

“At Perkins, the belief is all children can learn, no matter their disability.”

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Where we work

Close to home and around the globe, Perkins’ international programs are making a difference for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

  • Mexico

    Perkins Project Pixan is building a foundation so that every child in Mexico has access to education that is both accessible and adapted for their needs.

    Read about Mexico

  • Serbia & Croatia

    In Serbia and Croatia, Perkins meets children where they are and provides access to quality education through our network of partner organizations, educators and parents.

    Discover Serbia & Croatia

  • Armenia

    Perkins in Armenia creates partnerships at all levels of the education system – with schools, families, government, NGO’s, orphanages, community based programs, university, and support centers for inclusion.

    More on our work in Armenia

  • Jerusalem

    With our partners, Perkins is guiding the existing network in Jerusalem towards a national standard that supports children with multiple disabilities to learn and define their own success.

    Learn about our work in Jerusalem

  • Perkins India

    As a local NGO, Perkins India has trained the country’s leading multiple disability and vision impairment professionals.

    Find out about Perkins India

  • Bhutan

    In Bhutan, together with the Ministry of Education, Perkins is building an inclusive national education system from the ground up.

    More on Bhutan

  • Indonesia

    For 30 years, Perkins in Indonesia has focused on the intersection of school, family, community, and residential care.

    Explore Perkins in Indonesia

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