Every child can learn

Children with disabilities rely on adults with the commitment and specialized skills to help them learn. Through our Model Program Approach, with our local partners, we work to transform education systems and support schools to be inclusive and accessible for children with disabilities.

Perkins trains teachers, empowers families, and works with global leaders to help children with disabilities find their place in the world.

Our goal is to rebuild a world that includes the 240 million children with disabilities, anywhere, from the start.

Transforming education

Perkins’ international programs change the landscape of education services to fit children with disabilities. With our local partners we set new standards for what is possible—for children with disabilities and for our world.

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Supporting children to learn

For a child with multiple disabilities, the journey to education may begin at home, in an orphanage, in a hospital, in a community program or at school. Perkins starts where children are so that no child is invisible or excluded.

A women using hand expressions with a young girl.

Equipping adults to teach

For 100 years, Perkins has been training leaders and educators who change the world for children in almost 100 countries. We provide a wide range of opportunities for professionals and family members to learn how to help children unlock opportunities.

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Making education accessible

For a child with disabilities to learn and define their own success, families, schools, hospitals, communities and governments must all work together. Perkins sets the standards and builds the networks that sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and community life.

A child sits at a desk and uses her hands to feel a tactile map. Her teachers' hands hold the page down for her.

Scalable and sustainable

Our plan for impact

In each country where we work, our goal is to develop a critical mass of Model Programs that can serve as training hubs for other schools – ultimately transforming education systems at the national level.

Together with local collaborators, Perkins aims to expand current deep impact in a few sites to national-level transformation.

100 yearsFor more than 100 years, our innovative pedagogy has reached children globally.

130 partnersWe now work with more than 130 local partners to drive impact.

1.2 millionIn 2023 alone, we reached over 1.2 million children in 16 countries.

Making a difference globally.

Valentina Fernandez Educational Leadership Program, class of 2024

“Perkins has this special, special sense of belonging. Everyone does their work, everyone collaborates to do this magical work and [we’re] impacting not just children here on campus, but everywhere in the world.”

Where we work

Close to home and around the globe, Perkins’ international programs are making a difference for children with disabilities.

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Benita Gonzalez Reyes of Dominican Republic. Educational Leadership Program (ELP) Class of 2017.

Dominican Republic

A boy sits in a bungee chair.
A boy sits in a bungee chair. He smiles broadly and holds the hands of an adult.


Global recognition

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Practices

The United Nations recognized Perkins’ project in Mexico as a “Good Practice” towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030.

Perkins leaders are global visionaries

UBS recognizes Perkins President, Dave Power, and Executive Director of International Programs, Katie Holland, for their vision, thought leadership, and innovation towards achieving quality education and reducing inequalities for all.

Official Zero Project Award Winner 2024 badge

Zero Project Award Winner 2024

Perkins’ Model Program Approach was selected among 523 nominations from 97 countries for its innovation, impact, and scalability.

We’d love to hear from you.

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