International study of young adults with visual impairments

Let's talk about your future!

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Let’s talk about your future!

Who: If you are between 18 – 30 years of age and have a visual impairment.

Our goal is to allow all young people with visual impairments to participate in education and then in society. We want to collect information and start connecting in a large international group. We need help to highlight issues that are important to young people with visual impairments so that together we can make an impact on politics and policy makers.  

Do You Have Thoughts About How Your Visual Impairment Impacts Your Future?

We want to hear from you! A group of international researchers have put together a fully accessible online survey to gather information from individuals throughout the world between 18-30 years old with visual impairments.

Make sure your voice is heard! Complete the survey by April 14, 2023. The survey is available in multiple languages. Links below:

Those who complete the survey will be invited to attend an in-person event on Thursday (June 29, 2023) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Virtual events will be held on June 28 June from 13:00 PM GMT/UTC to 15:00 PM GMT/UTC and on June 29 from 07:00 AM GMT/UTC to 09:00 AM GMT/UTC. At these events we will share survey findings and encourage discussions between those in attendance.

Please share this flyer with others who are visually impaired and 18- 30 years old.

Need more information? Contact Dr. Karen Wolffe at [email protected] sponsoring the survey are: Royal Visio (The Netherlands), International Council for Education of the Visually Impaired (ICEVI), and World Blind Union (WBU).

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

Download the Youth Survey flier here

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