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Every day millions of children with visual impairment around the world are denied the education they need to unlock their full potential. Perkins International works to break the isolation and neglect these children face, transforming their futures through the power of learning.

We are global leaders in the education of children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities, including deafblindness. Our mission is to ensure that all underserved children and young adults with visual impairment receive a high-quality education that enriches their lives and prepares them for an active role in their families, schools and communities.

A teacher with 2 students smiling

Building local partnerships.

We work with hundreds of local partners: schools, orphanages, daycare facilities, teacher training programs, government agencies, family advocacy groups and more. Powered by our expert training and strategic support, our partners help us transform the educational landscape in their regions. The end result is sustainable improvements to blindness education around the world.

Teachers and students working together on a project

Teaching the teachers.

It takes a complex set of skills to teach children with visual impairment. In many regions, educators often lack the training required to do the job. That’s why we’re committed to increasing the supply of qualified teachers of the visually impaired – and have been training teachers around the world since 1921.

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Empowering families.

It’s vital that the families of children with visual impairment have the support they need and a voice that can be heard. We equip families with the resources necessary to become effective caregivers and advocates. This helps ensure that the children we serve also have a reliable support network outside the classroom.

Students lined up and waiting. One girl looks outward.

Advocating for change.

Advocacy helps us build a foundation of understanding, acceptance and support for individuals with disabilities. From community outreach efforts with our partners, to working with government officials to enact laws that promote access, inclusion and high-quality education programs, we’re doing our part to build a better world for people with visual impairment.

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