Learn about the work of Perkins India and how successful identification and intervention of children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) changes the lives of children and their families. Interested in learning how to implement some of the strategies mentioned here? Visit our resources page.

Mary making a bag from Nylon thread
Mary Amsa, a compassionate woman who is deafblind, makes her way to become an assistant trainer in a vocational unit for students who are also deafblind.
Distributing kits to families of children with MDVI
Perkins India partners with Blind People’s Association to extend support to 100 families of children with MDVI during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A boy points to a patterned paper during an early intervention session.
Perkins India partners with Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital to support Early Identification and Intervention of children with MDVI in untouched areas.
Shobit’s mother teaching him to take out thread from the gunny sack through hand-over-hand assistance.
Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, Shobhit’s family is supporting and helping him learn new skills.
a boy engaged in a colouring activity at home
Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, Hussain’s family is thankful to have some guidance to support his education at home and help prepare him for school.
A young girl with MDVI happily sits in class among smiling classmates
A ray of light in Uttar Pradesh for children with MDVI
A young boy sits with his mother while reaching his hand out to a CBR worker.
Involving the local community as much as possible allows us to have the greatest impact in our work. Here’s how we do that.
Diagram showing a connection from a laptop with Perkins India logo to person on phone to a family of children with disability
With children staying indoors during this pandemic, we are staying connected any way we can.
a indian student smiling
Meet Surpriya Das, a Perkins' ELP Graduate of 2015. After graduating, she returned to India to train other educational professionals around the country.
A boy threading cotton reels onto a piece of wire.
Inclusion in the community opens the door for Tirtha and other children in the future.