Learn about the work of Perkins India and how successful identification and intervention of children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) changes the lives of children and their families. Interested in learning how to implement some of the strategies mentioned here? Visit our resources page.

Mr. Vimlesh helping his son Aditya with his studies.
A proud father recounts his son’s path to education and his unexpected journey to a new position.
Ms. Mithlesh Devi observing the screening process.
Community support of a local ASHA worker helps to identify more children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment.
Muneesh, an educator involved in a screening activity
Screening resumes in villages to identify children with MDVI under Project IDI.
Chaitali introducing vegetables to her students
Lifelong lessons from the Perkins International Academy live on years after the course for Chaitali, who has applied new ideas in her classroom.
Eye care professionals learn about the importance of assessing vision in children with multiple disabilities.
Perkins India and Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital partner to bring much needed services to children with MDVI in Vrindavan.
Field workers screening a child for multiple disabilities.
A new team is trained under an innovative initiative to identify and connect children with MDVI to essential learning and developmental interventions.
Ms. Beroz Vacha interacting with students who are deafblind through tactile sign language.
Beroz Vacha, an ‘Indian Anne Sullivan’, paved the way for deafblind education in India.
Mary making a bag from Nylon thread
Mary Amsa, a compassionate woman who is deafblind, makes her way to become an assistant trainer in a vocational unit for students who are also deafblind.
Distributing kits to families of children with MDVI
Perkins India partners with Blind People’s Association to extend support to 100 families of children with MDVI during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A boy points to a patterned paper during an early intervention session.
Perkins India partners with Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital to support Early Identification and Intervention of children with MDVI in untouched areas.