Learn about the work of Perkins India and how successful identification and intervention of children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) changes the lives of children and their families. Interested in learning how to implement some of the strategies mentioned here? Visit our resources page.

Saifi, a boy with multiple disabilities and vision impairment, smiles in the wheelchair he recently received.
At five years old, Saifi is learning to communicate with his family for the first time, thanks to newfound support and intervention.
Persistent efforts of the IDI Team in Vrindavan pay off for Chaman, who is now improving his skills weekly.
Images of Project IDI Coordinators with children, families, and in the community. Text reads: “Coordinating Project IDI: A Persp
Get to know the Project IDI Coordinators and their experiences.
Ishan enjoys playing with the ball with his siblings and his teacher, Sofia
Newfound awareness, community support, and the IDI Team bring opportunities for Ishan to finally attend school.
A girl with MDVI is very happy and excited after receiving her wheel chair
The Project IDI Team at Jayati Bharatam holds 3 disability camps to provide important services to children with MDVI.
Demonstrating functional assessment for children with MDVI
The Perkins India and Jayati Bharatam IDI Team in Lucknow learns how to identify the needs of children with MDVI through functional assessment.
Dhruv with his teacher.
Relief support allows Dhruv’s family to move beyond survival and pursue his education during the pandemic.
Abhishek and his family learn activities they can continue at home to support his development.
The Project IDI team brings intervention sessions to Abhishek’s home to overcome the family’s barriers to accessing services.
A child attending an intervention session with two vision technicians while the mother of the child sits in front and watches
Pradyuman’s family finds the answers and support they were in search of for their child with Multiple Disabilities and Cerebral/Cortical Vision Impairment
Vikas’ mother encouraging him to sit with support as he listens attentively
Thanks to the right support and intervention, Vikas is enjoying his newfound independence through daily activities and community interactions.