From the sidelines to social inclusion

Vikas’ mother encouraging him to sit with support as he listens attentively

Vikas’ mother encouraging him to sit with support as he listens attentively.

Vikas is an active and cheerful 12 year old who is eager to learn. However, having Cerebral Palsy and vision impairment, opportunities for Vikas to receive an education did not exist in his small village outside of Lucknow.  He stayed home, lying on his side most of the day, while his siblings and others went to school.

Vikas’ world changed when his parents were connected with Perkins India’s partner Jayati Bharatam. The intervention team from Jayati Bharatam, trained by Perkins India, taught Vikas’ parents how to better position his body so that he could move more independently. His parents learned ways to teach  him  basic skills and include him in activities at home such as sorting vegetables and wiping plates and bowls before lunch. He learned to peel bananas,onions and to help his mother prepare meals for the family.

In addition to all of the learning support for Vikas, his family was guided by the intervention team to obtain an Identity Card and a Disability Certificate. This gives Vikas access to government services and equipment such as a wheelchair that has opened up opportunities for him  to go outside to the nearby market and to his relatives’ house.  

Now Vikas  is even more cheerful and social, interacting with his teacher and other children in the neighborhood and  participating in many more activities.  His parents report that he is very happy learning new things, being more involved with his family and community and is enjoying his life more.  

Vikas engrossed in a painting activity using a potato
Vikas’ mother giving him onions for peeling