Firsthand Parenting Experience Helps to Support Project IDI

Written by Vimlesh K., father of Aditya and Community Based Rehabilitation Worker for Project IDI, Lucknow

A Proud Father

My son Aditya is a very independent boy. He is very interested in academics and completes his lessons regularly. I feel so proud of him that despite his disabilities he works hard to learn and study to work towards his dream of becoming an Indian Administrative Service officer (IAS officer). He loves going to school regularly.

He is a good artist and loves to participate in activities related to art and craft. He engages himself by making sketches/ drawing in his free time.

Aditya working on making a greeting card
Greeting Card of Lord Ganesha made by Aditya

When Aditya was 8 months old we came to know that he has Rheumatoid Arthritis and when he was 7 years old he lost his vision. After losing his vision we tried for his admission in several regular schools but due to his disability the schools refused him admission. 

We were very disappointed as we could not secure his admission in any regular school. We received information about Jayati Bharatam, which was a ray of hope for Aditya. Aditya was finally enrolled at Jayati Bharatam at the age of 12. In their programs, they not only focused on his academics but also helped him learn skills in several areas like independent living skills, social skills and many more which has helped Aditya to function independently. He is now studying in the 7th grade in a regular school.

An Unexpected Change of Plans 

Earlier I was working as a daily wage earner. However, due to Covid-19, I lost my work and it was difficult to sustain in the absence of a regular income or livelihood. I was given the opportunity by Perkins India and Jayati Bharatam to work as a part of Project IDI as a community-based rehabilitation (CBR) worker. It is because of Aditya that I got this wonderful opportunity to serve several other children like Aditya and many other families as I am well aware of the challenges of children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment (MDVI).

Through Project IDI, initiated by Perkins India in partnership with Jayati Bharatam, I am sure there will be a greater awareness among people in the community; there will be early identification of children with disability and children with disabilities will have the opportunity or access to some kind of educational intervention.

Vimlesh, CBR worker doing door to door screening with the support of the Coordinator of the project