Project IDI

Project Identification and Intervention (IDI) is Perkins India’s latest breakthrough initiative designed to transform the lives of children who have multiple disabilities with vision impairment (MDVI) by finding them and connecting them to learning for the first time. We use a systematic process grounded in thorough data collection - and we do this hand-in-hand with our local partners.

Partnering with local eye hospitals, NGOs, and governments, Perkins India has launched Project IDI in Uttar Pradesh and we look to expand throughout the state and into new regions.

For every child identified through Project IDI, we work to ensure he/she:


Has a disability certificate

A boy and girl child with assistive devices

Has aids and appliances that can enhance access to learning

A lady teacher holding book

Is connected to educational services

Father, mother, and boy child

Has family members who are informed about the schemes and concessions available to their child

Father speaking out next to girl child

Has family members who are empowered to advance educational opportunities for their child

When children with MDVI have access to learning their lives and their families' lives change. Inclusion in school and community life gives children with MDVI the chance to reach their full potential.