Current Programs

Perkins India’s current programs focus on the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Hand in hand with local partners we build a dedicated team of special educators and community-based rehabilitation workers who serve children and families daily. The local teams receive regular mentoring and guidance from Perkins India experts on how to identify children, and provide the interventions they need to learn and thrive.

As we work alongside local and state government bodies, our work will continue to build capacity and meet the needs of underserved children in new regions of the state by scaling our model throughout Uttar Pradesh.

A map of Uttar Pradesh with highlighted areas of Mathura, Agra, Sitapur and Lucknow
A map of Uttar Pradesh with highlighted areas of Mathura, Agra, Sitapur and Lucknow


In Lucknow Jayati Bharatam has partnered with Perkins India to bring educational support to children with multiple disabilities since 2016. In July 2021, along with the state government, we launched the first ever Community Intervention Centre for children with multiple disabilities in the Gosaiganj block of Lucknow.


Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital’s secondary centre in Vrindavan (Shroff Vrindavan) is the home of the first Perkins-supported early intervention center in Uttar Pradesh. Thanks to the leadership and dedication of the Shroff’s senior management team – together with local education specialists and community-based team – children with disabilities from rural areas are able to access quality services close to home for the first time. 


In Sitapur, our partnership with Jayati Bharatam is providing quality educational interventions at home and in the community. We will be developing an intervention center with Sitapur Eye Hospital in the hospital, to serve as a hub for this work.


With Vision-Aid, we will be launching an early intervention center within the Vision Aid Agra centre.


A CBR worker wearing a mask observes and screens a child for disability.

Early intervention/School readiness

A young girl sitting at a table and reading braille.

Education & community inclusion

A classroom full of children learning.

Capacity building & collaboration: schools, state/local bodies

Sneha participating in an activity with her teacher with her brother sitting beside her and observing.
Sneha participating in an activity with her teacher with her brother sitting beside her and observing.

Hear from our families.

Sneha’s Mother Gosaiganj, Lucknow

“I see so much progress in Sneha since she has been receiving intervention. Especially now since she has started coming to the centre, she has started interacting with other children. Sneha is always very excited to come here and she loves playing with other children.”

Hear from the community.

Mithlesh Devi, ASHA worker Gosaiganj, Lucknow

“There is a great awareness amongst people in the community with regards to children with disabilities. There is a great attitudinal change towards children with disabilities and several children with disabilities are being identified. Even the people in the community are showing their willingness to support the field team.”

Three adults examining a child
Mithlesh Devi and a associate with a mother and child
An adult playing with a child outside
An adult playing with a child outside.

Hear from our partners.

Dr. Suma Ganesh Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital

“Many of the families who were not aware of visual impairment in these children were happy to be given glasses and see their child improve. I would like to thank Perkins India for this project which has helped many children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment, and made a significant improvement in the quality of life of these children.”

Hear from our partners.

Mr. Mukesh Coordinator, Jayati Bharatam

“We are very thankful to our Perkins India trainers for clarifying our doubts and guiding us to understand the specific needs of children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment. We can see the improvement in our skills and learning – all thanks to the regular training and mentoring we have been receiving from Perkins India.”

A teacher working with a student
A teacher working with a student.

Building Capacity Over 30 Years

Perkins India’s partnerships span 30 years of work and include civil society, non-profits, and state and national governments which have allowed children with multiple disabilities from north to south and east to west, to learn and thrive.

A map of Uttar Pradesh and their partnerships highlighted
A map of Uttar Pradesh and their partnerships highlighted.

Some of our previous and foundational partnerships include: