What is MDVI?

Children with MDVI have a visual impairment and at least one other disability, which could be cognitive, developmental, hearing- or mobility-related. Children with MDVI might communicate in ways that are different from other people — a child might use nonverbal communication or sign language. They may not process visual cues to understand their surroundings the way someone with typical vision does. These circumstances require special adaptations to the environment and teaching interventions to ensure that children with MDVI are included in education and their community.

Interventions that might typically work for a child who has a single disability don't necessarily work for children with MDVI because of the compounding effect of having multiple disabilities.

Social taboos often leave children with MDVI marginalized in their own communities and excluded from educational opportunities. But at Perkins India, we know that all children can learn and we see every day how education can transform a child's life.