The Need

Perkins India is committed to changing the lives of children who have multiple disabilities with vision impairment (MDVI) — children who are at the greatest risk of being left behind. Children who are born with or acquire MDVI are among the most vulnerable in the world. Here’s why:

  • Medical professionals often lack awareness about the benefits of timely intervention that can greatly improve and develop a child’s functional abilities.
  • Distance, limited transportation, physical challenges, or scarcity of services makes it difficult for many families to access the nearest school, Anganwadi, therapists or medical services - particularly in rural areas.
  • Children with MDVI receive incorrect diagnoses and lose years of early development, which are foundational to success in school and life.
  • Most schools are not equipped to successfully educate children with a complex profile like MDVI, so families have no choice but to keep them at home.
  • Many families struggle to understand their children’s learning needs; while they care deeply about their children and want them to have the best possible future, they do not know where to turn for assistance and resources.
  • Many medical professionals lack the expertise to appropriately screen newborns or children with various disabilities for visual impairment so they often go unassessed.

How big is the problem?

We estimate there are at least 1 million children with MDVI in India -- the majority unidentified and isolated at home. These children deserve the chance to be included at school, and to discover and explore their potential.

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