Every child can learn, anywhere.

Perkins India launched the Identification and Intervention (IDI) model to identify children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment, and to connect them with interventions and education. This child-centered approach ushers in opportunities for children like Naina and Sunaina to be included in school and their communities!

A child playing with an adult's hands

We’re building an India where every child is included.

Perkins India brings learning to the estimated 1 million children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment in India. These children are the most likely to be left out of school. Many never experience the world outside their own home. Perkins India knows these children can learn and thrive. We see it happen every day. 

The path to education for children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment begins with the right start in life and access to learning. Perkins India is making this happen.

What you should know:

75% of childrenWith multiple disabilities have a vision impairment

63% of childrenWith multiple disabilities are not enrolled in school

100% of childrenWith multiple disabilities need a specialized education

How we make a difference

Perkins India bridges the gap between the health and education sectors to find children where they are and lead them on the path to education.

A child having his eye examined by a doctor


Screening and identifying children at the youngest age possible and referring them to appropriate services. Showing families that their child can learn.

A child learning to read braille


Preparing children for learning and providing interventions that meet their needs. Equipping them and their families with the skills and resources necessary to access learning.

A classroom full of children learning


Building educational programs in schools and communities that meet the needs of all children.

A child touching his lip

Meet our children

Vinod is developing the skills to help on the family mango farm. He now interacts with other children in his neighborhood, and is enjoying life.

Mr. Imran Ishan’s father

“The biggest achievement which we feel so proud of is that he started going to a regular school… We are always grateful to the Perkins’ IDI team. Because of them Ishan’s life has completely changed.”

Why Perkins India?

We bring life-changing education to children in places where there is a great need, but limited resources.

Backed by two centuries of global expertise from Perkins School for the Blind, Perkins’ work in India for the last 30 years has resulted in the creation and development of strong local institutions that demonstrate how children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment can participate in and learn about the world around them.

A adult holding up a child playing with a toy

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