Perkins India

At least 1 million children in India with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) are at risk of a life of isolation and stigma, because existing healthcare and education systems cannot accommodate the needs of every child with MDVI.

Perkins India is committed to giving these children the chance to learn and thrive. We are proud to have been instrumental in the launch of the major non-profit organizations addressing MDVI in India and enjoy ongoing partnerships with those organizations today.

A young child and woman clap hands playfully

Addressing the Need

Children with MDVI are at the greatest risk of being left behind. Without reliable systems of identification and intervention employed in every community, these vulnerable children and their families face a life of disadvantage.

A teacher writes on a chalkboard

Developing Sustainable, Scalable Solutions

With 30 years of experience training teachers, supporting families and establishing model education programs, Perkins India is changing lives. Project IDI, our newest initiative, identifies and addresses the barriers standing between children with MDVI and a life of inclusion and opportunity.

A lady vision technician assesses a girls’ vision

Why Perkins India?

Based in Mumbai, Perkins India has trained the country’s leading MDVI professionals. With our access to world-renowned experts from Perkins International, a division of Perkins School for the Blind, we are uniquely positioned to change the lives of the children we serve, their families and their communities.

A young girl sitting in someone's lap while another woman braids her hair.

Meet the Children

Yes - children with MDVI can learn and thrive at home, in school and in their communities! Learn how identification and intervention make all the difference.