Perkins India

At Perkins India, we believe every child deserves to explore and fulfill their potential, including those with multiple disabilities and vision impairment (MDVI).

We’ve worked in India since 1989, improving the lives of children with MDVI by increasing educational opportunities through professional training, family support and our partnerships with NGOs, public and private schools, government agencies, parent groups and collaborative international organizations across the country. Perkins India is the first local NGO to establish systematic training for teachers of children with MDVI, so we are uniquely qualified to serve these children and support their families, communities, and educators.

A student sitting at a table

Reaching Students, Engaging Their Communities

Thousands of Indian children with blindness or low vision, some with multiple disabilities, are now receiving educational services as a result of Perkins India’s work. Approximately 1,000 teachers, school staff, community leaders and government officials participate in Perkins India training programs each year.

Two students are sitting at a desk. One of them is smiling.

A Network for Sustainability

Perkins India has supported the establishment of more than a dozen programs throughout the country, creating a sustainable network that enables Perkins India to demonstrate and disseminate best practices.

A student adds sand to a bottle with a teacher's help.

Train the Teacher, Improve Education

India has the distinction of being one of the earliest implementers of Perkins International Academy, Perkins International’s highly regarded teacher training program which offers teachers of the visually impaired and other related professionals the tools, skills and support needed to improve their students’ educational experiences.

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Sustainability in the Face of Shortage

There is a shortage of special educators around the world. More than 30 teachers and other professionals from India have graduated from Perkins’ Educational Leadership Program, an exclusive and highly renowned nine-month training program. India’s participants represent the largest cohort of the 300 graduates from around the world.