How to find a doctor who is able to evaluate for and diagnose CVI

Use our CVI Doctor Directory to find a medical professional in your area who may be able to evaluate for and diagnose CVI.

Barry Kran conducts an exam in the eye clinic

CVI is the leading cause of childhood blindness and low vision — but alarmingly underdiagnosed and misunderstood. According to research from the CVI Center using medical claims data and advanced analytics from McKinsey & Company, less than 20% of kids with CVI are diagnosed with CVI in the U.S. 

As parents and caregivers, we live it. We know that it can be difficult to find a medical provider who is able to evaluate for and diagnose CVI. Access to CVI expertise in the medical community is limited. We are tasked with the huge undertaking of learning how to use CVI data to advocate for our children in the doctor’s office and beyond. This is why it’s hard to get a timely diagnosis and why so many people with CVI are missed. Without a diagnosis, people with CVI are not able to get the supportive care, interventions, services, and accommodations to fully access their world and define their own success. 

As we work with the medical community to raise awareness of CVI, encourage the development of standardized and clinically validated diagnostic tools, and help improve diagnostic rates, we also know that our kids with CVI can’t wait. 

We developed a list of doctors that could help families get started in their CVI diagnosis journey. It is solely an informative tool and a starting place for families (and not an official endorsement). This directory is a work in progress. We know there are more medical professionals in each state who know about CVI. Listed below are those who responded to our inquiries about being included in this list.

If you’d like to suggest a medical provider who is knowledgeable about CVI and able to evaluate and diagnose, please email [email protected]. Include the first and last name, specialty, and location in your email. 

How was the CVI Doctor Directory developed?

This list is mainly informed in two ways: 1) neuro-ophthalmologists responded to a survey that asked if they wanted to participate in our CVI directory and 2) by parent-reported information. The CVI Now team followed up with medical providers who were parent-reported, asking permission to be a part of this list. 

Tips for medical advocacy

We spoke with one of the medical leaders in the CVI field, Barry Kran, OD, FAOO, about how families should seek medical care once they suspect vision problems. Read the full article!

Do your research

Even when contacting a doctor on this list, we suggest that parents ask specific questions before booking an appointment to make sure it’s the right fit, such as: 

Come prepared

When it’s time for your appointment, arm yourself with your child’s medical history in addition to your anecdotal observations, and ask if you can send information in advance for review. Dr. Kran recommends:

CVI Doctor Directory

This list is solely an informative tool and a starting place for families and caregivers, and not an official endorsement. The directory is a work in progress. To suggest a medical provider knowledgeable about CVI and able to evaluate and diagnose, please email [email protected].

















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina




Puerto Rico

South Carolina



Washington D.C. 

Washington State

The United Kingdom

Learn more about what to do after a CVI diagnosis

Parents and caregivers, if you need a provider closer to you, join our CVI Now Parent Facebook group to ask your questions to our supportive community. 

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