How to DIY for CVI accessibility: The bedroom

How can you create accessibility in your child's bedroom if they have CVI? Check out these DIY projects to create comfort and independence!

Bedrooms should be both cozy and functional. Some with CVI have shared that their bedroom is their safe, quiet space to recharge and find peace. Here are a few ways you’ve set up these spaces to meet that criteria. Sweet dreams! 


A baby mobile with red glittery circles
Photo courtesy of Cindy Younan, CVI Journey


Shelves and containers

A pink bookcase with toys. Behind it is a pink wall and a pink sign that reads Madison
A child's bedroom with one black feature wall, a small wooden bed, a large stuffed tiger, a large blue bean bag, and a black laundry container highlighted with yellow tape.


A washing machine with red tape on the dial and buttons.
A pile of clean, folded laundry.
A container with laundry pods.
A washing machine with bump dots on the dial and buttons.

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We’ve got a house full of them!

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