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NEC Student Amelia Ruff's thoughts on the holiday season

a photo of a christmas card with wishes of peace

As November came and went I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. It is a  time to reflect upon our gratefulness for family, friends and health.  Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday seasons with the end of the harvest and abundance.

  December welcomes the season of darkness and thus brings the wonder of hopefulness and renewal. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwansa, Winter Solstice and many other holidays fill the homes of our communities.  The bright vibrant displays of all the various celebrations glow through the darkness and illuminate the mind and soul. The many diverse holidays have their own beliefs, traditions, and most of all culture. But all treasure life, love and faith. May we have understanding and compassion for each other throughout this season. 

You can celebrate the holiday anywhere. The experience is ultimately an inner wish and blessing. I can attest to that statement for sure as this year I will be in the hospital for much of the holiday. I am having jaw surgery so I can eat, breathe and avoid long term pain. I plan on making my holiday. I am looking forward to wearing as many holiday printed pajamas as I can, like snowflakes and polarbears or, of course, flannel. I look forward to all the visitors that come to show their all for me and my family(per covid rules). Please always remember to look for the positive!



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