Perkins Films

Digitized films from the Perkins School for the Blind Collection in Watertown, Massachusetts. These films were produced by Perkins from 1923 to 1985. They highlight student life and education at Perkins, as well as successful adults. The film, Legacy of Anne Sullivan, was produced in cooperation with the Industrial Home for the Blind in New York, now called Helen Keller Services for the blind.

Scenes from Lights for All Film

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Light For All, 1923
Perkins Institution, 1933
The Perkins Story, 1957
Children of the Silent Night, 1961 
Legacy of Anne Sullivan, 1968
The Perkins Story Adapting to Change, 1977
Realities of Blindness-The Perkins Experience, 1972
Perkins...Challenging, Changing, Growing, 1985