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This bulk of this collection is comprised of publications by and about Samuel P. Hayes and his research on intelligence testing for the blind. The remaining material is related to his retirement in 1954.

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Dr. Samuel P. Hayes, a psychologist at Perkins School for the Blind between 1920 and 1958, is credited with creating the first psychological testing tool for measuring the mental ability of children with visual impairment. He adapted the Stanford-Binet testing program to create the Hayes-Binet Tests of Intelligence for the Blind in 1942, which was instrumental in demonstrating to the world that there is no significant difference in intelligence between individuals with visual impairments and those without. The Perkins-Binet tests succeeded the Hayes-Binet tests in 1980. It was later revealed that the Perkins-Binet tests have validity issues, and has since been taken off the market.

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Samuel P. Hayes Collection, Perkins School for the Blind.

This collection primarily documents the work of Samuel P. Hayes in the development of intelligence testing of the blind and visually impaired.  Publictions written by him include topics on the psychology of blindness, a manual for the psychological examination of the adult blind and  a condensed guide to the Stanford revision of the Binet-Simon tests. Publications about him include Perkins publications The Lantern, in March of 1955 and the 1955 Annual Report in celebration of his 80th birthday. Letters of appreciation collected and bound for Hayes on his 80th birthday document his reach both nationally and internationally. Many letters are from organizations for schools for the blind. A second bound volume of letters of recognition for his work was presented to Hayes in 1952 at the Second Annual Conference on Mental Measurements of the Blind held at the Michigan School for the Blind in 1952.  A silver tray with etched signatures from 1954 is also included in this collection. 


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Folders 1-13: Publications by and about Samuel P. Hayes and his research on intelligence testing for the blind

Box 2

2 books of letters written to Samuel P. Hayes in 1952 and 1954

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Silver presentation tray given to Samuel P. Hayes on December 17, 1954.

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Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind.

Perkins School for the Blind.

Achievement Tests.

Blind—Intelligence testing.

Stanford-Binet Test.

Hayes, Samuel Perkins, 1874-1958.

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