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Three portraits of a man at different stages of life

Three portraits of Samuel Gridley Howe with the earliest on the left and the latest portrait on the right.



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1820-2011, bulk 1820-1910
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18 linear feet
English, some Greek
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Processed by Molly Stothert-Maurer, 2012.

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Samuel Gridley Howe, 1801-1876, was the founding director of the Perkins School for the Blind. He attended Brown University and Harvard Medical School and was a soldier and surgeon in the Greek War of Independence. He is best remembered for his work with Laura Bridgman, a pupil at Perkins who was deafblind and one of the earliest individuals with deafblindness to learn language, and the first American to do so. Howe was a prominent leader in the field of blindness, printing for the blind, and other social justice and educational reform movements in the United States. He was married to Julia Ward Howe, suffragist and author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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Samuel Gridley Howe Collection, Perkins School for the Blind
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SGH- Samuel Gridley Howe
JWH- Julia Ward Howe

Series 1: Writings authored by or quoting SGH published in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and books.

Series 2: Writings about SGH published in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and books.

Series 3: Published and un-published materials. Howe Memorial Association materials, Writings about SGH 1911-1959

Series 4: Personal Papers and Correspondence

Series 5: Photocopied research materials and In-Look Archives Survey materials, 1980-2008

Series 6: Howe family materials, oversize materials, photographs, 3D objects

Series 7: Books and bound volumes


Series 1: Writings by or quoting SGH published in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and books. 

Box 1: Writings by SGH, 1820-1829

B1:Folders 1: Handwritten box inventory, n. d. 2 letters by SGH from Greece, Essex Register, 1825.

B1:Folder 2: Extract from statement of SGH’s at Greek meeting in New York The Bower of Taste, p. 184-185, reference to SGH and Byron, p. 189, 1828

B1:Folder 3: Extract from address by SGH at meeting for Greek Relief, 1828-29

B1:Folder 4: Letter by SGH from Greece, National Philanthropist & Investigator, 1829

Box 2: Writings by SGH, 1830-1835.

B2:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n. d. 2 articles in Boston Weekly Messenger, on the Poles, signed Yorick, 1834.

B2:Folder 2: “From the Mss. Of a Traveler in the East”, possibly by SGH on hanging/execution in Greece, 1831

B2:Folder 3: “Education of the Blind,” North American Review, 1833

B2:Folder 4: Female education in Greece, Troy Press, 1833. Extract of SGH letter to woman in Troy, NY on Greek society, Gambier Observer, 1833

B2:Folder 5: Statement on Poles, Boston Messenger, The Statesmen, 1834

B2:Folder 6: Education of women in Greece, letter to Mrs. Emma Willard, American Ladies’ Magazine, 1834

B2:Folder 7: “Proceedings of the New-England Anti-Slavery Convention”, Boston, Garrison & Knapp, 1834, p. 14 SGH against having African American children at Perkins, because other pupils from the South might not like it.

B2:Folder 8: Address of The Trustees of the New-England Institution for the Education of the Blind to the Public, 1833, p 6-18 report to trustees by SGH

B2:Folder 9: SGH letter to his father when in prison in Berlin, printed in Boston Weekly Messenger, 1832

B2:Folder 10: Account of lawsuit Hale vs. Howe with quotes from SGH, New York Commercial Advertiser,1832

B2:Folder 11: SGH letter to Mrs. Phelps, Address on the Subject of Female Education in Greece, 1833

B2:Folder 12: Paraphrases some of an oration of SGH before Collepe Athenaean Society, Mercantile Journal, 1833

B2:Folder 13: Quotes from SGH on Belgian struggle for independence, Boston Masonic Mirror, 1830

B2:Folder 14: On Belgian independence and Berlin, Courier, 1832

B2:Folder 15: Letter about the mission of the Polish army in Germany by SGH, Columbian Centinal,Boston, 1832

B2:Folder 16: Article on Poland by SGH, signed “Observer”, Boston Courier, 1831-32

B2:Folder 17: Letter from SGH from prison in Berlin, to Dr. Fisher, Boston Courier, 1832

B2:Folder 18: Mentions SGH’s school in a colony at Ilexanilia, Greece, Massachusetts Journal, 1830

B2:Folder 19: Letters to the Courier, from Paris, signed “Observer”, 1831-1832

B2:Folder 20: Letters to the Courier, possibly from SGH, 1831

B2:Folder 21: Paraphrasing of SGH’s letter from Greece to Prof. Sillinau, Boston Recorder, 1830

B2:Folder 22: “A Death and Burial in Greece”, New England Magazine, p 40-43, 1831

B2:Folder 23: “Education of the Blind” by SGH, 2 bound copies, 1833

B2:Folder 24: Columbian Centinel, June 6, 1832, mentions SGH

Box 3: Writings by SGH, 1835-1839

B3:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n. d. Article on the education of blind, Christian Watchman,Boston, July 29, 1836

B3:Folder 2: “A Modern Greek”, a character sketch by SGH, The Boston Book, 1837

B3:Folder 3: “Education of the Blind”, by SGH p. 266-281, Literary and Theological Review, 1836

“On the Education of the Blind”, lectures delivered before the American Institute of Instruction in Boston, 1837

B3:Folder 4: “A Discourse on the Social Relations of Man”, Boston Phrenological Society, by SGH, 1837

B3:Folder 5: “Education of the Blind” by SGH in The Lectures delivered before the American Institute of Instruction, in Boston, August, 1836 Including The Journal of Proceedings, and A list of the Officers, 1837

B3:Folder 6: “Education of the Blind” by SGH in American Annals of Education and Instruction, 1836

B3:Folder 7: Education of Laura Bridgman, collected writings of SGH with introduction by JWH, 1837-1849

B3:Folder 8: Sixth Annual Report of the Boston Academy of Music, 1838

B3:Folder 9: Seventh Annual Report of the Boston Academy of Music, 1839  

B3:Folder 10: Extract of letter from SGH, p 62-64, Report of the Secretary of the Board of Education on the Subject of School Houses, 1838. Same letter quoted in The Common School Journal, 1839.

B3:Folder 11: article on phrenology by SGH, Providence Journal, 1836

B3:Folder 12: City of Boston School Committee, City Document.-No. 7 letter by SGH with response, 1839

Box 4: Writings by SGH, 1840-1849

B4:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n.d. “Provision for the Insane”, by SGH, unknown newspaper, n.d.

B4:Folder 2: Schools in Rome, SGH p. 226-229, Common School Journal, 1844

B4:Folder 3: address of SGH at a public meeting held to protest the forcible return to New Orleans of a fugitive slave. John Quincy Adams returned from retirement to preside at the meeting, Address of the Committee Appointed by a Public Meeting, held at Faneuil Hall, September 24, 1846, for the purpose of considering the recent case of Kidnapping From Our Soil, and of taking measures to prevent the recurrence of Similar Outrages, 1846

B4:Folder 4: letter to raise interest in a Boston Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts, by SGH and others, 1847

B4:Folder 5: preface by SGH of Report of a Minority of the Special Committee of the Boston Prison Discipline Society, 1845

B4:Folder 6: An Essay on Separate and Congregate Systems of Prison Discipline, by SGH, 1846

B4:Folder 7: Letter from SGH, report on House Bill #108, regarding funds for Perkins, 1847

B4:Folder 8: Article quoting Howe on heredity, The Standard, 1848

B4:Folder 9: Thoughts on Language; A Lecture delivered before the American Institute of Instruction, by SGH, 1842

Letter from SGH to Horace Mann, 1840 in Fourth Annual Report of the Board of Education,1841

“Blindness and Idiocy” by WHH, SGH quotes p. 453-454, in The Christian Examiner, 1848

“To the Citizens of Boston” regarding School Committee by SGH, in unknown publication printed by Eastburn’s Press, 1846

“Hereditary Infirmity” from the 16th Report to Perkins trustees, by SGH extract printed in The Common School Journal, 1848

SGH and others on subject of slavery, Evening Transcript, 1848

A Letter to the Editor of the North British Advertiser (Scotland), by SGH responding to an article by John Alston, where he was mis-quoted and mis-represented, 1841 and response from John Alston

B4:Folder 10: Insanity in Massachusetts, by SGH, reprinted from North American Review, 1843

Fourth Annual Report of the Board of Education, together with the Fourth Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board, 1841

Box 5: Writings by SGH, 1850-1859

B5:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n.d.

B5:Folder 2: Letter from SGH on slavery, The Liberator, 1855

Letter from SGH to Governor, p. 2, Senate …No. 37, 1855

A Letter to J. H. Wilkins, H. B. Rogers, and F. B. Fay, Commissioners of Massachusetts for the State Reform School for Girls, by SGH, 1854

“Dr. Howe’s Reports Upon Idiocy”, quotes SGH, The Christian Examiner, 1851

“Report of Dr. Howe on the Instruction of Idiots”, quotes SGH, Christian Register, 1851

“Convention of Superintendents and Teachers of Institutions for the Instruction of the Blind”, New York Daily Tribune, 1853

“A Letter to the Governor of Massachusetts, upon his Veto of a Bill, providing for an Increase of State Beneficiaries, at the School for Idiotic Children, by SGH, 1857

“The Defensive League of Freedom” (to protect fugitive slaves) by SGH and others, n. d.

“Grand Rally of the Free Democracy! Old Faneuil Hall Thronged!”, remarks by SGH, Commonwealth, 1853

“The Free Democracy in Council/ Grand Rally at the Tabernacle/ Speeches of John P.Hale and others/ Manifesto of the Free Soil Committee”, New York Herald, 1853

B5:Folder 3: appeal to public for funds for revolution in Hungary and other parts of Europe, by SGH and others, 1852

Appeal for $100,000 for the Institution for the Blind, ca. 1851

B5:Folder 4: SGH’s account of cruelty to African American prisoners in New Orleans, A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1853

B5:Folder 5: Anti-slavery meeting at Faneuil Hall, announced by SGH, unknown newspaper, 1854

B5:Folder 6: Twenty-Second Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital, 1855

B5:Folder 7: writings of SGH on slaveholders in Kansas, 1856, in Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1908

B5:Folder 8: A Letter to the Governor of Massachusetts, upon his Veto of a bill, providing for an Increase of State Beneficiaries, at the School for Idiotic Children, by SGH, 1857

Laura Bridgman, by SGH, reprint from Bernard’s American Journal of Education, 1857 (2 copies)

Phrenology quotes from SGH, 1858, in The Character Builder, 1920

Report of the Boston Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts, 1857

Box 6: Writings by SGH, 1860-1869

B6:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n.d.

B6:Folder 2: “The Lunatics of Gheel”, by SGH, Boston Advertiser, 1867

SGH’s answer to editor of London Diplomatic Review on motives for going to Greece, ca. 1869

B6:Folder 3: Ceremonies on Laying the Corner-Stone, of The New York State Institution for the Blind, oration by SGH, 1866

Address Delivered at the Ceremony of Laying the Corner-Stone of the New York State Institution for the Blind, by SGH, 1866 (2 copies)

B6:Folder 4: Photocopy of “Address Delivered at the Ceremony of Laying the Corner-Stone of the New York State Institution for the Blind”, by SGH, 1866

B6:Folder 5: Appeal to the women of New England on behalf of the United States Sanitary Commission, ca. 1862

B6:Folder 6: “A Letter on the Sanitary Condition of the Troops in the Neighborhood of Boston”, by SGH, 1861

“A Letter to Mrs.­­­­-----, and Other Loyal Women, Touching the Matter of Contributions for the Army”, by SGH, 1862

“Remarks Upon the Education of Deaf Mutes: in Defence [sic] of the Doctrines of the Second Annual Report of the Massachusetts Board of State Charities, and in Reply to the Charges of the Rev. Collins Stone, Principal of the American Asylum at Hartford”, by SGH, 1866

B6:Folder 7: SGH’s statement regarding Harper’s Ferry Investigation Committee- John Brown Slavery, New York Daily Tribune, 1860

Letter regarding proceeds of concert for Cretan Patriots, Dwight’s Journal of Music, 1867

“Appeal to the People of the United States to Relieve from Starvation the Women and Children of the Greeks of the Island of Crete”, 1867 (2 copies)

Quotes by SGH on subject of Deaf Mutes, The Christian Register, 1867

Quoted letter to Gen. Tremont by SGH about Lincoln and presidential election, Atlantic Monthly, 1864

B6:Folder 8: “U. S. Sanitary Commission, No. 93. Circular Addressed to the Branches and Aid Societies tributaries to the U. S. Sanitary Commission”, SGH and others, 1865

Cretan appeal, ca. 1866

Letter to the Governor on the poor conditions of Civil War camps, House… No. 40, 1862

“Preliminary Report touching the Condition and Management of Emancipated Refugees; Made to the Secretary of War by the American Freedmen’s Inquiry Commission”, by SGH and others, 1863

“Inauguration of the Statue of Horace Mann”, by SGH and others, 1865

SGH’s statement concerning reorganization of improvements for Perkins, 1868

Box 7: Writings by SGH, 1870-1876

B7:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n.d. Archives Survey forms, 2002

B7:Folder 2: Santo Domingo clipping, article by SGH, New York Independent, Nov. 27, 1873

B7:Folder 3: “A Corrected Copy of Dr. Howe’s Letter, in Daily Advertiser, October 30, entitled A Plea, Alike in Behalf of our Pauper Lunatics and of our Tax Payers” (4 copies)

“Objections to the Proposed Plan for a City Hospital for Lunatics at Winthrop; with Answers to the Article of J. Putnam Bradlee, in the Daily Advertiser, Nov. 6.” by SGH, 1871 (3 copies)

Public Document—No. 27, “Appendix A, directors remarks on printing for the blind”, by SGH, 1872

Public Document—No. 27, “Appendix A, Education of the Blind”, by SGH, 1873

“Charles Sumner’s Explanation in Reply to an Assault a Speech Prepared for the United States Senate March, 1871”, paragraph by SGH p. 6, also mentions a Mr. Howe, Senator from Wisconsin [Timothy Otis Howe], 1878

“Letters on the Proposed Annexation of Santo Domingo, in Answer to Certain Charges in the Newspapers”, by SGH, 1871 (2 copies)

“Remarks on the Theories of Dr. Samuel G. Howe, Respecting the Education of Deaf Mutes, as Set Forth in the Second Report of the Board of State Charities” by “A Native of Massachusetts”, contains quotes from SGH, n. d, after 1875

“The Causes and Prevention of Idiocy”, by SGH, 1874 (2 copies)

“Blindness—Important Views” newspaper article by SGH on blindness and heredity, n. d.

B7:Folder 5: Supplement to 43rd Annual Report of Perkins “Advice to Parents of Blind Children” by SGH, 1875

SGH quoted on need for college for the blind p. 230-233, Journal of Social Science, 1870

Public Document #27 (School Report), SGH on printing books for the blind/raised type, p. 36-37, chart of schools for the blind, p. 34, letter to teachers convention, p. 24-28, 1871

“Santo Domingo, Annexation, Slavery” by SGH in The Independent (New York), 1872 (3 copies)

Letter to the editor of the New York Times, by SGH about Santo Domingo in the Boston Herald, 1871

Newspaper clipping with SGH’s diary entry from Santo Domingo, 1871

“The Cuban Imbroglio” on Cuban slavery, by SGH in The Independent New York, 1873

“Annexation Vs. Slavery” by SGH, The Independent New York, 1873

“Warning Against Dempsey B. Sherrod, and his Proposed American Printing House, and University for the Blind”, by SGH, 1875

B7:Folder 6: Handwritten inventory of clipping related to the death of SGH, n. d.

11 newspaper clippings, program of memorial service on Feb 8, 1876

Series 2: Writings about SGH published in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and books

Box 8: Writings about SGH, 1801-1876

B8:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n.d.

Article on arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Howe, Boston Recorder, 1832

SGH imprisonment, Boston Weekly Messenger, May 10, 1832

SGH in Belgium, Boston Weekly Messenger, June 11, 1832

Clipping with letter from Lafayette and from Polish Committee in Paris, mentions SGH, 1832

B8:Folder 2: “Boston Portraits in French Setting”, p. 87, Every Saturday, description of  SGH and JWH and her literary club, 1866

Article on SGH in Greece, The Vermont Chronicle, 1844

SGH and the Poles, Columbian Centinel, 1832, see oversized box

B8:Folder 3: “theology” and “views of religious education”, criticizes SGH, p. 235-236, The Christian Observatory, 1847

Newspaper account of a caravan trek across “the wild country of Iowa”, of which SGH was a part, The Independent, 1856

B8:Folder 4: SGH in Canada, American Traveler, 1860

Article on 8th Annual Report, SGH and printing, contributions to institute, North American Review, 1840

“Speech of James Hoban, Esq.” counsel of John Williams, Oculist, mentions SGH p. 5, 1837

B8:Folder 5: “Education of the Blind”, North American Review, 1833

B8:Folder 6: Not very accurate paraphrasing of parts of [Eup.] article also (mistakenly?) attributes ideas in article to SGH, Revue Britannique, 1833

B8:Folder 7: “Education of the Blind”, references to SGH p. 39, 41, The North American Review, 1833, 1895 reprint

“Institutions for the Blind”, American Annals of Education and Instruction, 1833

Excerpt mentioning SGH and instruction of Laura Bridgman, “Report of the 14th meeting of the British Assoc. for the Advancement of Science”, 1844

B8:Folder 8: Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1842

B8:Folder 9: SGH’s proposed trip to Canada, American Traveller, 1859

“Blindness and Idiocy”, mentions SGH p. 449, The Christian Examiner, 1848

SGH and Laura Bridgman, medal for “scientific merit” given to SGH by King of Prussia, Christian Advocate,1846

Article about blind instructor brought from Paris to work at the Asylum for the Blind, Boston Weekly Messenger, 1832

Sketch of SGH, p. 30,  The New Mirror, 1843

B8:Folder 10: Greek fair, Boston Weekly Messenger, 1833

Statement about SGH’s plan for Nat’l Collegiate Inst. and musical conservatory for blind, 1869

Sketch of SGH’s life/Perkins, House…No. 386, 1869

Mentions address by SGH at 6th annual meeting of American Lyceum on the methods and means of instructing the blind, Barnard’s Journal of Education, 1864

Article about Freedman’s Commission, including SGH, p 438, Friends’ Intelligencer, 1863

Mentions SGH speech at Bowdoin College, Boston Weekly Messenger, 1833

Lecture by SGH on language to Taunton Lyceum mentioned, Boston County Democrat, 1842

B8:Folder 11: SGH stopped on border of Prussia by a cabinet order, p. 455, The New World, 1843

B8:Folder 12: “Record of Progress”, SGH first pupils, South Boston School, Laura Bridgman, Old and New,1875

B8:Folder 13: Address delivered at the opening of the Connecticut Industrial School for Girls, by Daniel C. Gilman, 1870

“The Suffering Greeks”, appeal for relief, p. 7 speaks of SGH as worker for the cause, 1828, (2 copies)

B8:Folder 14: a memorial tribute to SGH by Oliver Wendell Holmes, p. 464, Atlantic Monthly, 1876

Box 9: Writings about SGH, 1876-1900

B9:Folder 1: Handwritten box inventory, n.d.

Report on public charities of Mass. During century ending 1876, by F. B. Sanborn, SGH p. 14, 55, 63

B9:Folder 2: “A Modern Hero”, by Florence Howe Hall, p. 19 story of SGH’s glories, Wide Awake, 1890

Article on SGH by JWH, Cambridge Magazine, 1896

Humorous anecdote about SGH and pupil, The Transcript, 1886

B9:Folder 3: Article on SGH, The Phrenological Journal, 1876

B9:Folder 4: sketch of SGH’s life, p. 29-30, and “The Hero” poem about SGH by John G. Whittier, Record of the Year, 1876 (2 copies)

Article praising SGH, p. 191-195, Unitarian Review, 1876

“Reminiscences of Fugitive-Slave Law Days in Boston” by Austin Bearse, 1880, mentions SGH p.4, 6, 26, 37,

“Westboro State Reform School Reminiscences”, by Joseph A. Allen, 1877. Mentions SGH p. 6, 48, 54, 83

B9:Folder 5: article on Greek by Sanborn, mentions SGH, Boston Daily Advertiser, 1891

Article on SGH, by F. B. Sanborn, quotes letter to Horace Mann, Boston Daily Advertiser, 1892

Story of SGH’s life by Jenkin Lloyd Jones, p. 812-827, quotes Whittier poem “The Hero”, p. 826-827, The Charities Review, 1897

B9:Folder 6: “Here in Boston”, Laura Bridgman and SGH, Boston Post, 1887

Article on memoir of SGH, by JWH, Advertiser, 1876

Mentions SGH and Laura Bridgman, Boston Post, 1890

Speech of Hon. George F. Hoar before U.S. Senate, on presentation of statues of John Winthrop and Samuel Adams, p. 5 mentions SGH, 1876

B9:Folder 7: Article on memoir of SGH by JWH, The South Boston Press, 1876

Short piece on SGH, The Unitarian, 1887

“The Bible in the Last One Hundred Years” by W. J. R. Taylor, praises SGH for aid in making printing possible, 1876

SGH quote from years earlier, The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health, 1891

SGH name inscribed on wall of the new Massachusetts House of Representatives, unknown newspaper clipping, 1894

Review of “Dr. S. G. Howe The Philanthropist” by Sanborn, contains sketch of SGH’s life, New York Daily Tribune, 1891

B9:Folder 8: critical review of Sanborn’s “Dr. S. G. Howe, the Philanthropist”, The Nation, 1891

“Dr. Howe and the Greeks”, Boston Transcript, 1897 (2 copies)

Anecdote about SGH having the gout, newspaper clipping, 1897

Article on a blind child “A Child Born Short”, by Dr. Richards, teacher at Perkins, mentions SGH, The Mentor, 1898

Article on commemorative exercise and article eulogizing Howe, Boston Evening Transcript, 1899

Article on commemoration of SGH exercises, The Women’s Journal, 1899

Article commemorating SGH’s birthday, Boston Daily Globe, 1899

Box 10: Writings about SGH, 1900-1910

B10:Folder 1: Howe XI: Writings about SGH, 1900-1905, handwritten index, n. d.

B10:Folder 2: Howe XI: Writings about SGH, 1900-1905, “SGH Hero in War and Peace” by Bertha Johnson, p. 353-361, Kindergarten Magazine, 1904

B10:Folder 3: proceedings at celebration of 100th Anniversary of birth of Howe (taken out of S.P. Hayes library in 1960), 1901

Editorial on SGH, Christian Register, 1901

Article on SGH centennial, Kindergarten Review, 1901

Program of commemorative exercises of 100th anniversary of SGH’s birth, 1901

Letter to the editor on SGH and the blind, The Silent Hoosier, 1901

Review of “Laura Bridgman, Dr. Howe’s Famous Pupil and what he Taught Her”, by Maud Howe and Florence Howe Hall, Boston Transcript, 1903

“Training Backward Children”, mentions SGH, Boston Transcript, 1903

“Here Comes Howe”, SGH and the blind, Colorado Index, 1904

“Here Comes Howe”, first printing, Sunday Herald, 1903

“A Hero, And Certain Heroines”, review of three books mentioning SGH, Century Magazine, 1904

Letter to editor, SGH and meeting about slavery at Faneuil Hall, Boston Evening Transcript, 1904

“Boston Idealists”, by Sanborn, The Christian Register, 1905

Article mentioning SGH and Laura Bridgman, The Bookman, 1905

B10:Folder 4: Howe XII: Writings about SGH, 1906-1910, handwritten index, n. d.

B10:Folder 5: Howe XII: sketches by Geo. Angell, p. 11 mentions SGH founding the Massachusetts SPCA,The American Humane Education Society, 1908

B10:Folder 6-8: Howe XII: article mentions SGH journals of Greek Revolution, The Republican, 1906

Review of SGH’s “Letters and Journals”, and “The Greek Revolution”, edited by SGH’s daughter Laura Richards, Woman’s Journal, 1906

SGH mentioned in review of book on Lincoln, Atlantic Monthly, 1906

Review of “Letters and Journals”, Atlantic Monthly, 1906

Review of “Letters and Journals”, The Australian, 1907

Advertisement fly sheet for “Journals and Letters”, 1907

Article on “Letters and Journals”, The Nation, 1907

Review of “Dr. SGH, The Philanthropist”, by Sanborn, Journal of Education, 1907

Sermon by Theodore Parker, mentions SGH and Holmes’ poem in memory of him, The Christian Register,1907

Dr. Blackwell (editor of Woman’s Journal) trip to Jamaica, Boston Transcript, 1907 letter from SGH to Blackwell about Santo Domingo in Howe XX Papers 1870-1876 (Box Folder)

“American Soldiers of Fortune” mentions SGH, Boston Transcript, 1907

Article about “Letters and Journals of SGH”, New York Saturday Review, 1907

Review of “Letters and Journals of SGH”, The National Greek-American Newspaper, 1907

Article on Greek celebration of independence, mentions SGH, Boston Herald, 1908

Article about “Letters and Journals of SGH”, New York Saturday Review, 1908

Article on marble bust of John Brown, mentions SGH, Boston Evening Transcript, 1908

“Three World Famous Educators” mentions SGH, Ohio Chronicle, 1909

Mention of Sanborn’s biography of SGH, Boston Transcript, 1909

“Servant of Humanity” and SGH memorial mentioned, New York Times Saturday Review, 1909

“The Greatest of All American Philanthropists”, Boston Globe, 1909

Long article on SGH about “Letters and Journals” and “Servant of Humanity”, Transcript, 1909

“Dr. Howe’s Journals”, Springfield Republican, 1909

Article with anecdotes about SGH, The Christian Register, 1909

“Samuel G. Howe”, by A. W. Jackson, D. D, p. 934, The Christian Register, 1909

Review of “Servant of Humanity”, Boston Herald, 1909

“A Great Knight of New England”, article on “Letters and Journals”, Boston Herald, 1909

Article on SGH and idiots, etc., Springfield paper, 1909

B10:Folder 9: “A Paladin of Philanthropy”, by Peabody, about SGH, p. 139-151, The Hibbert Journal, 1909

B10:Folder 10: “John Brown and his Eastern Friends”, by Frank P. Stevens, mentions SGH, p. 589, New England Magazine, 1910

“Samuel Gridley Howe”, by E. H. Clement, Journal of Education and Colorado Index, 1909

Review of “The Servant of Humanity” by W. Hoft, The Survey, 1910

“The First Blind Pupils”, The Youth’s Companion, 1909

“A History of the Massachusetts System”, by Sanborn, mentions SGH influence, Children’s Charities, 1910

Article on Unitarian gathering that mentions SGH, New York Globe, 1910

Article on SGH, Boston Transcript, 1910

Mention of SGH and Sumner correspondence, Boston Transcript, 1910

“The Cadmus of the Blind”, by John T. Faris, The Wellspring, 1910

B10:Folder 11: Review of “Servant of Humanity”, p. 58-60, Outlook for the Blind, 1909 (2 copies)

Review of “Servant of Humanity”, p. 647-650, The Outlook, 1909

Series 3: Published and un-published materials. Howe Memorial Association materials, Writings about SGH 1911-1919, 1919-1959

Box 11: Published and un-published materials. Howe Memorial Association materials, Writings about SGH 1911-1919, 1919-1959        

B11:Folder 1: Howe Memorial Association materials, 1908-1918                               

Typed letter from L. B. Lilus, Secretary to Miss J. E. Burnham about certificate of contribution to the Howe Memorial Association, 1909

“The Proposed Memorial to SGH in South Boston, meeting flyer (2 copies)

B11:Folder 2: Writings about SGH, 1911-1919, handwritten index, n. d.

B11:Folder 3-4: Writings about SGH, 1911-1919

Howe memorials, Transcript, 1911

General article on SGH, The Barnard Memorial, 1911 (2 copies

Selections from James Freeman Clark’s address on SGH read by Miss Marrett on Founder’s Day, Nov. 1911

A memo concerning the plan SGH used for building the cottages at Perkins School for the Blind by Mrs. Hopkins, 1911

“Dr. S. G. Howe’s Connection with Oral Work”, and letters to editor by Sanborn and L. E. Richards, regarding SGH and the deaf, The Volta Review, 1911

National Conference of Charities meeting, Sanborn speaks and talks about Howe and insane, BostonTranscript, 1911

Review of “The Servant of Humanity”, by Noyes, The Volta Review, 1911

Article on SGH inauguration of Massachusetts plan for caring for dependent children, speech by Dr. Hart, Springfield Union, 1912

Proceedings of the 9th A Summer meeting of Amer. Assoc. Teaching Speech to Deaf, talk by Sanborn, mentions SGH teaching by articulation, p. 581-584, The Volta Review, 1912

“Dr. SGH A Pioneer Educator of Blind-Deaf”, Ohio Chronicle Supplement, 1913

“A Pioneer of the Blind-Deaf”, The Mentor, 1914

Article on School for Feeble Minded, mentions SGH, Springfield Union, 1914

Article on insane, mentions SGH, Boston Transcript, 1915

Howe Memorial Club, Belmont Tribune, 1915

Article on SGH in Spanish, El Ciego Argentino (The Blind Argentinian), 1915

“The Conversion of Militarism” by F. G. Peabody, mentions SGH, Greece, feeble-minded, Whittier’s “Hero”, p. 230-231, The Southern Workman, 1915

Article on feeble-minded, mentions SGH, Transcript, 1916

“Educational Work for Blind in the U.S.” picture and article on SGH, p. 16, Bible Training School, 1916

Article on James Freeman Clarke by F. G. Peabody, quotes letter from SGH to Theodore Parker, The Christian Register, 1916

Article mentions SGH, anti-slavery and John Brown, Transcript, 1916

Article by Sanborn on public charities, mentions SGH, care for insane, Transcript, 1917

Article on SGH being “lost in the dazzle” of JWH’s brilliance, Transcript, 1917

SGH and Dickens, Transcript, 1917

Article on SGH being unfairly overshadowed by JWH, Transcript, 1917

SGH and “The Listener”, Transcript, 1917

Article on affect war will have on Boston, mentions SGH and civil planning, Transcript, 1918

Article on SGH “The Lafayette of the Greek Revolution”, Boston Globe, 1918

“SGH, M. D., soldier-surgeon in Gk. Revo.” By Ada Manning, also frontispiece of Michael Anagnos, p. 5-6, 27, The Greek-American Review, 1918

B11:Folder 5: Howe XV Writings about SGH, 1919-1959, handwritten index, n. d.

B11:Folder 6-7: Howe XV Writings about SGH, 1919-1959

Art Assoc. of Newport pamphlet, mentions painting by Jane Stuart (Gilbert’s daughter) of SGH

 “He was the Cadmus of the Blind”, by E. E. Allen, p. 300-301, The Christian Register, 1921

“SGH” pamphlet by E. Allen revised and reprinted from The Christian Register, 1921

Mention of SGH on list of names on State Hall of Fame, Transcript, 1922

Mention of Greeks and SGH, Transcript, 1922

Article on death of Mrs. Charles Knowlton, mentions work she did with SGH, The Christian Register, 1922

Mention of Whittier’s poem, “The Hero”, New York Times Book Review, 1922

“Dickens and Dr. Howe”, by E. E. Allen, p. 1, The Beacon, 1925

Founder’s Day at Perkins to honor SGH, Outlook for the Blind, 1926

Piece on SGH by Laura Richards, Outlook for the Blind, 1926

Claim against Howe Memorial Association, Boston Post, 1926

Howe Memorial Association sued, Herald, 1926

List of friends of Charles Dickens buried at Mt. Auburn, Herald, 1926

Article by Cabot, paragraph on SGH, p. 287, December Graphic Survey, 1928

 “Greeks Honor Dr. Samuel Howe”, Newport Herald, 1930

Mass State Exhibit Tercentenary 1630-1930, Dept. of Public Welfare, First Board of State Charities 1803, mentions SGH and Sanborn, 1930

 “SGH” by Anna Gardner Fish, p. 3, The Lantern, 1936

Article on Mann, mentions SGH, Boston Post, 1947

Sketch of SGH by Dr. Chase, M. D., Providence Bulletin, 1948

“SGH as Phrenologist” by Harold Schwartz, p. 644-651, American Historical Review, 1952

SGH and Bridgman, The Lantern, 1953

SGH papers, p. 7, Massachusetts Historical Society Miscellany, 1958

SGH connection with John Brown, Boston Sunday Herald, 1959

Greeks honor SGH at Independence banquet, Boston Globe, 1927

B11:Folder 8: “Dr. Howe’s Office Boy”, recollections told by Rev. H. A. Dunham, 1928

B11:Folder 9: Bibliography: papers and sources quoted for reference to SGH’s creeds on religion prepared for Mr. Allen, 1921

B11:Folder 10: Typewritten talk on SGH given by Mrs. E. E. Allen, n. d.

Series 4: Personal Papers and Correspondence

Box 12: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1820-1870

B12:Folder 1: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1820-1840, handwritten index, n. d.

B12:Folder 2: Letter from Lafayette to SGH, 1832 (3 copies)

B12:Folder 3: Copy of Howe’s diary while in Greece, 1827

B12:Folder 4: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1820-1840

SGH’s letter to Elijah J. Hamlin written from Brown Univ., re: religion

Letter from James Fenimore Cooper to SGH from Paris, 1832

Letter from SGH to Dr. Percival requesting the he contribute material to New England Magazine, 1834

Letter to B. French of New Hampshire regarding entrance for pupils into Perkins and need for care of Blind in New Hampshire, 1835

Letter from SGH to Mr. Lathrop to thanks for donation to printing fund, 1835

Letter from SGH to Charles Goff, regarding printing of New Testament, 1836

Letter from Wm. S. Stone to SGH, says he has written an article about SGH, 1836

Letter from SGH to Mr. Chapin, 1839 in answer to question about instructing the blind, 1839

B12:Folder 5: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1840-1850, handwritten index, n. d.

B12:Folder 6-8: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1840-1850

Letter to SGH from Geo. Combe, praises SGH and speaks of phrenology, 1840

Copy of letter from Henry Thoreau, to Perkins/SGH, seeking employment, 1841

Letter from SGH to Miss Metcalf, 1841

Letter from SGH to Miss Metcalf in Providence, Lurena Brackett’s decision not to return to Perkins, 1842

SGH letter to Mr. Bartlet Dudley, invitation to Lurena Brackett to return to Perkins, 1842

Letter from SGH to Dr. Dixon of S. Carolina about visiting and exhibiting in S. Carolina for purpose of raising interest in education of blind, 1841

Letter from SGH to James Hanford Esq. on different alphabet characters for the blind, 1841

Letter from SGH to editor of No. British Advertiser, article by John Allston on printing for blind in which SGH was misrepresented and misquoted, 1841

Letter to SGH from Horace Mann, Mann’s success, teaching of arithmetic, etc., 1842, 1845, 1848

Letter to SGH from T. Carlyle (from London), report of Perkins Inst., Laura Bridgman, 1842

Letter to SGH from James M. Barnard, requesting copies of SGH’s article on insanity for circulation in Europe, etc., 1843

Letter to Samuel Ward from Charles Sumner on SGH’engagement, 1843

Letter from H. B. Cleveland to Charles Sumner on SGH’s engagement, 1843

Letter from SGH to Longfellow on SGH’s engagement, 1843

Letter to SGH from Charles Sumner, re: birth of SGH’s first child, Samuel Ward, etc., 1844

Letter to SGH from George Sumner, from Paris, re: Laura Bridgman, publication of SGH’s article in France, etc., 1845

Letter to SGH from Maria Edgeworth, Ireland, re: a) report of Laura Bridgman, essay on Education and treatment of child’s conscience, L. B.’s religious instruction, children’s stories by Edgeworth, 1845

Letter to SGH from George Combe in Brussels, re: 13th Annual report of Perkins, Laura Bridgman, Oliver Caswell. Mentions report “refusing black children”, suggests that SGH teach phrenology to Laura B. talks about nature of God, 1845

Letter from SGH to Mr. Chapin re: printing of a general encyclopedia for blind, 1845

Letter to SGH from N. Y. Inst. for Deafmutes re: education of same, 1845

Letter to SGH by L. H. Bracebridge (Englishman) re: Laura Bridgman, prison discipline, 1845

Note to SGH from Amos  Laurence, 1846

Letter to SGH from Sam Auus, re: Rhode Island legislative assembly, 1846

Letter from Ms. Tibbath re: bill SGH wanted passed, 1846

Group of letters re: National Library for the Blind, 1846

Letter to Howe from Vaughan of Inst. for Blind in Philadelphia re: Library for blind, 1846

Letter to SGH from George Sumner, Paris- mentions forthcoming marriage of Annie, JWG’s youngest sister, 1846

Letter from Edward Jarvis to ? re: Sumner and an article for the North American, 1849

Letter from SGH to Miss [Howitt] re: Laura Bridgman, 1849

B12:Folder 9: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1850-1870, handwritten index, n. d.

B12:Folder: 10-13 SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1850-1870

Letter from J. Lieber to SGH, 1850

Rough draft of letter from SGH to Hon. W. Appleton, re: reform schools for girls, 1850

Letter to SGH from Theodore Parker, re: SGH’s remark that Parker lacked religion, 1851

Letter to SGH from Florence Nightingale, re: plight of Germans, Catholic and Protestant church in England, 1851

Letter to SGH from Charles Sumner, re: the paper, Commonwealth, 1852

Letters to SGH from Louis Kossuth, re: Hungarian fund, Death of his mother, Hungary’s plight, 1852

Letter to SGH from Florence Nightingale, 1852

Letter from SGH to [Downer], asking advice about “letting” his house, 1854

Poem about SGH by unknown author, 1855

Letter to SGH from Samuel Lyman, re: Mann’s death, 1859

Letter from SGH to Parker, re: Mann’s death, 1859

Letter [to SGH] from Theo. Parker, joking about the fact he hasn’t heard from SGH. Letter in style of memorial poem as if SGH were dead, 1859

Letter from Charles Sumner to SGH, from Paris, re: war between France and Austria, Napoleon, “George’s Oration”, statue of Mann, 1859

Letters from C. Sumner to SGH, statue of Mann, John Brown, death of SGH’s youngest son, 1860

Letter from C. Sumner to SGH, Santo Domingo, civil war, 1863

Letter from SGH for Miss Dillingham to use in finding her brother during Civil War, 1862

Letter from [SGH] concerning history and objections of the school [Perkins], 1865

Letter from SGH to Anagnos, re: supplies for Cretans, 1867

Note to parent about son who has fits, 1868

Letter to SGH from Mrs. M. S. Loring, aid for women’s reformatory and a rough draft of SGH’s reply, 1869

Two letters to unknown recipients from SGH about Perkins fundraising, 1869

B12:Folder 14: Questionnaire to establish pattern of heredity in Blindness, 1853

B12:Folder 15: “Early History of Printing for the Blind in America” by SGH, copied by hand from the letter books at the Perkins Institution, 1854 (photocopied)

Box 13: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1870-1876, undated, and Samana Bay Co., Santo Domingo materials.

B13:Folder 1: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1870-1876, handwritten index, n. d.

B13:Folder 2-11: SGH Personal Papers and Correspondence, 1870-1876

Letter from SGH to Mr. and Mrs. Hazard re: their “insane” daughter Gertrude, 1871

Letter to SGH from George Finlay, from Athens, re: Santo Domingo, government in Greece, 1871

Letter to Mrs. Knowlton (SGH’s one time secretary) about her ill health, 1872

Letter from SGH to Mr. May, re: an argument Mr. May had with SGH’s clerk, 1872

Letters and notes concerning Samana Bay including correspondence with Spoffard, Capt. Lowry, and a letter from SGH to Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State, USA, 1873-1874

Letter from SGH to F. J. Campbell, 1874

Letters from SGH to Dr. Blackwell, re: Samana Bay Co. and a Mr. Spoffard. Dr. Blackwell was, in 1907, senior editor of Woman’s Journal, see clipping 1907, Boston Transcript in box about SGH, 1906-1910, 1874

Letter from SGH to Downer, asking help for SGH’s son-in-law, Hall, 1875

Letter from SGH to Downer, 1875

Copy of SGH’s conversation with Sanborn, July 22, 1875, speaks of being in Paris and seeing James Fenimore Cooper, Lafayette, and re: Dr. Fisher and decision to work for blind in 1831, 1875

Proposal to annex Santo Domingo, defended with facts and figures, by unknown author (not in SGH’s handwriting)

B13:Folder 12-14: Howe XXI, Personal Papers and Correspondence, no date

SGH “philosophical ramblings” o the senses—taste, smell, etc. of Laura Bridgman

Letter from SGH to Horace Mann “valuable and interesting copy of a letter written assumed from context to Horace Mann by Dr. Howe in his later life, in which he humbly points out that his  motivating force for which he had been acclaimed a “hero” etc., was ignorance of the course of events, an adventurous spirit and “selfishness”

SGH letter to unknown recipient about school year at Perkins in the early years, no date

Letter to mother of boy at Perkins about his possible withdrawal

Rough draft of letter about State Industrial School for Girls

B13:Folder 15: SGH’s translation of Diderot’s “Letter on the Blind”

B13:Folder 16: Letter to SGH from A. M. Symmes, n. d.

B13:Folder 17: Misc. lists and documents

Box 14: Box: Folder 1-27: Correspondence to SGH, 1838-1839

B14:Folder 1: “A”
Ackerly, Benj.
Appleton, Sam M.,
Allston, John
Akerly, Samuel
[Auz], Dr. William M.

B14:Folder 2: “B”
Baldwin, A.
Ball, John
[Bartley], Roberts
Blagden, Rev. Mr.
Bower, B.
Bible Society House (British)
Bigelow, John P.
Briggs, E. N.
Bowditch, N. H.
Broad, Samford L.
Bumstead, J. F.

B14:Folder 3: “C”
Combe, Geo
Cushing, J. P.
Curtis, Thos
Colson, C. H.
Coygesdoll, Joseph
Geo Cox & Co.

B14:Folder 4: “D”
De la Sagna, [R.]
Dennison, A. L.
DeWitt, Archibald
Dunbar, Henry W.

B14:Folder 5: “E”
Edwards, [Murry (Governor?)]
Everett, Edward (Governor of Massachusetts), see Pierce, Delano, M. D. 

B14:Folder 6: “F”
Fearing (Physician)
Fearing, Mary
Fletcher, Richard
Friedlander, Julius R.
[Fusiche], Marshall

B14:Folder 7: “G”
Gardener, O.
Girdler, Capt. R.
Gleason, Olive, see Pierce
Goff, Charles
Gold, Martha
Gutzlaff, Mary

B14:Folder 8: “H”
Hall, Mr.
Harding, Jane
Hardwell, D.

B14:Folder 9: “J”
Jeffries, John

B14:Folder 10: “K”
Kimball, Caleb

B14:Folder 11: “L”
Laurence, Abbott
Lovejoy, [Alia]
Lowe (Concert at Gloucester—financial info)
Lyon, G. P.
Lyon, Moses

B14:Folder 12: “M”
[Messinga], D.
McKean, Jos M.

B14:Folder 13: “N”
New York Institution for the Blind
Nelson, H.

B14:Folder 14: “O”
Otis, H. G.

B14:Folder 15: “P”
Patten, Isaac
Patten, [J./T.]
Penniman, A. W.
Pierce, Delano, M. D.
Pickering, John Esq.
Pijani, Pietro
Phillips, T.
Plummer, Abigail
Plummer, Wm. S

B14:Folder 16: “Perkins”, see also folder 25
Perkins, [Col. Thomas Handasyd]
Perkins, Dr. [A. M.?]

B14:Folder 17: “Q”
Quincy, Josiah Jr.

B14:Folder 18: “R”
Rhoads, Joshua
Robertson, Sarah
Rupele, G. R.

B14:Folder 19: “S”
Sigourney, L. H.
Sallandet, T. H.
[Shaw], L.
Smith, Betsy, see Everett and Fearing

B14:Folder 20: “T, U, V”
Tallant, Nancy
Tennery, Wm. [J]
Tenney, T. [A.]
[Thorn], James
Vose, Elijia

B14:Folder 21: “W, X, Y, Z”
Weld, Theodore D.
Winthrop, Rob C.
Walton, John
John Whipple Debt Society

B14:Folder 22: List of Annual Reports and other volumes in the Perkins “Blindiana” library

B14:Folder 23: Unreadable

B14:Folder 24: Mount Washington Sale

B14:Folder 25: Copy of letter from Col. Perkins to H. G. Otis

B14:Folder 26: from H. G. Otis to J. K. Mills

B14:Folder 27: from Theodore Lyman to Osias Goodwin

Box 15 and 16: Greek Relief Committee materials, 1867.

B15-16:Folder 1-14: Correspondence about the Greek Relief Committee formerly bound in a volume. Letters have a brittle adhesive strip along one edge. Many of the letters are regarding donations of money.

Series 5: Photocopied research materials and In-Look Archives Survey materials, 1980-2008

Box 17: Research Materials, and misc. 1990-2008

B17:Folder 1: Archives Survey materials, 2002

B17:Folder 2: Perkins’ history materials

B17:Folder 3: “Silhouettes of Eminent Americans, 1839-1844”, by Andrew Oliver with pages on Laura Bridgman, Francis Lieber, Thomas Perkins, Oliver Caswell (deafblind)

B17:Folder 4: Directors’ Memorial Exercises, 1992

B17:Folder 5: Dickens’ Quarterly, “Charles Dickens and SGH”, 1991

B17:Folder 6: SGH correspondence transcripts, American Printing House for the Blind, 1993

B17:Folder 7: Letter of Introduction for SGH, American Embassy, France, 1831 (photocopy), with accession info, 2008

B17:Folder 8: Photocopied research materials, letter from Fernald School to Ken Stuckey (research librarian at Perkins)

Series 6: Howe family materials, oversize materials, photographs, 3D objects

Box 18: Howe family materials

B18:Folder 1-3: Howe family papers/ Financial Info, Estate of Joseph N. Howe, Fr., SGH, Trustee, 1837-1868, bulk 1866

Box 19: Howe family materials

B19:Folder 1-3: Misc. Howe Papers and Clippings, Howe family collection, clippings, 1911-1943

B19:Folder 4: Howe family collection, correspondence: Julia Romana Anagnos, Maud Howe Elliot, Laura Howe Richards, H. H. Richards, 1880-1961

B19:Folder 5: Howe family collection, writings: Maud Howe Elliot, Laura Howe Richards, Henry Marion Howe, 1922-1956

B19:Folder 6: “History of the Fernald School”, Chapter by Laura E. Richards, 1940

B19:Folder 7: “The Yellow House Papers. The Laura E. Richards Collection. An Inventory and Historical Analysis”, 1972

Box 20: Howe family materials donated by Howe Family descendant

B20:Folder 1: Accession letters, correspondence, 1988, 2010, 2011

B20:Folder 2: “A Modern Hero”, article on SGH, Wide Awake, 1890

B20:Folder 3: “Defects in the Education of American Girls”, article on JWH,  The Chautauquan, 1888

B20:Folder 4: Envelope identify textiles created by JWH

B20:Folder 5: Ring created from Julia Romana Howe Anagnos and JWH heirlooms

B20:Folder 6: Perkins’ First Family exhibit layout, 2012

On Exhibit: Howe family objects in the Perkins’ First Family exhibit in the Perkins’ Museum  located in the Howe Building. Donated by Howe family descendants.

Bust of Samuel Gridley Howe, Plaster, no date

Plaster relief sculpture of Julia Ward Howe by F. Skipp, n. d.

Lace Cap. This cap was a signature accessory of Julia Ward Howe in her later years, and nearly every image of her portrays her wearing it. Donated by Howe family descendants.

Pistol, Inlaid flint-lock pistol that belonged to Samuel Gridley Howe, who fought in the Greek Revolution between 1824-1827

Majolica Lamp, n. d. 

Metal Candlestick holder, n. d.

Metal Candelabra, n. d.

Box 21: Oversize materials photographs, prints, posters, documents

Memorandum of Howe as Trustee in Account, circa 1853-1860

Laura Richards at 18, photographed mailed from The Horn Book to Nelson Coon, Perkins’ librarian in 1956

Resignation scroll of SGH from the Commonwealth of Mass Board of State Charities, 1875

Certificate of donation to the Howe Memorial Association (color poster)

Map to Mount Auburn Cemetery

“The Man Who Saved Millions from Pain” William Morton- surgical anesthesia, newspaper clipping The Sunday American, 1912

SGH manuscript, “for the works of a Dwelling House on Mount Washington, South Boston”, n. d.

SGH and the Poles, Columbian Centinel, 1832

Box 22: Oversize Materials, Howe Artifacts

Bible presented to Grovenoer Taft Murdock by SGH in 1864, it was used by SGH for many years at Perkins when the school was located in South Boston.

Hall of Fame plaque, American Printing House for the Blind, Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field, SGH inducted 2002

Bowl- Import China that belonged to SGH and used by him before his marriage to JWH in 1843. Donated by Howe family descendants, 1984

SGH’s box containing seven straight razors. Each of the razors is inscribed with a  day of the week.

Diary of Samuel G. Howe, January- February, 1871. Kept during his visit to Santo Domingo as part of the Government Commission investigating annexation.

Box 23: Howe family candlestick (1 of 2- other on exhibit)

Box 24: Howe family china, 11 small plates and 2 serving bowls, fruit motif with scalloped edges, labeled "832" on verso. Donated by Howe family descendants., 2013

Series 7: Books and bound materials

On Shelf: Books, bound pamphlets, scrapbooks, notable by scarcity or provenance

“Letter Upon the Blind” by Diderot, translated by SGH and printed in Boston Line Type at Perkins, 1857

Dr. Howe’s Writings: “Mass. School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Youth”, Reports 1-28 (2 volumes)

Dr. Howe’s Writings: Perkins Institution for the Blind, Reports 1-44 (3 volumes)

Dr. Howe’s Writings: Pamphlets. Education and Deaf-Mutes

Dr. Howe’s Writings: Board of State Charities, Reports 2-10, 1866-1874

Dr. Howe’s Writings: Board of State Charities, Reports 2-9, 1866-1872

Dr. Howe’s Writings: “Miscellaneous”.

“Scraps”: Scraps Written at Sundry Times and On Divers [sic] Occasions by Samuel G Howe [Quondam Keigugyos] Vol. 1. Excerpts of published materials including annual reports. Front cover labeled M. Anagnos.

Newspaper scrapbook mostly about Greece and the Cretans

S. G. Howe “Education of the Blind”, N. E. Magazine, 1833 (3 copies)

Scrapbook: 100th Birthday of S. G. Howe (2 copies)

“Memoire of H. Perkins”

“The Cretan Refugees and Their American Helpers”, Dr. S. G. Howe

Bound volume of “The Cretan”, 1868-1869

“When I Was Your Age”, Laura E. Richards, 1894

“To Arms! Songs of the Great War”, Laura E. Richards, 1917

“Two Noble Lives”, Laura E. Richards, 1911 (2 copies)

“Memoir of Dr. Howe”, Julia Ward Howe, 1876

Mass. School for the Feeble Minded, Reports 1-40, 1846-1887 (2 copies)

“An Historical Sketch of the Greek Revolution”, 1828 (5 copies, one belonging to Florence Howe Hall)

“The Journals and Letters of Samuel Gridley Howe: The Greek Revolution” (Vol. 1), with notes and preface by F. B. Sanborn, 1906

“The Journals and Letters of Samuel Gridley Howe: The Servant of Humanity” (Vol. 2), with notes and preface by F. B. Sanborn, 1906 (2 copies)

“Life and Education of Laura Dewey Bridgman, The Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Girl”, Mary Swift Lamson, 1879 (2 copies)

“Notes on the United States of North America” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, George Combe, 1841

“Samuel Gridley Howe”, Laura E. Richards, 1935 (2 copies)

“Stepping Westward: The Story of a Long Life”, Laura E. Richards, 1931

“Dreamers of the American Dream”, Steward H. Holbrook, 1957 (Waterhouse)

“Anatomical Observations on the Brain and Several Sense-Organs of the Blind Deaf-Mute Laura Dewey Bridgman” (bound photocopies)

Unknown publication with section on “Colonel T. H. Perkins, 1799-1820 (bound photocopies)

“Merchant Prince of Boston: Colonel T. H. Perkins, 1764-1854”, Carl Seaburg and Stanley Paterson, 1971

“Howe Genealogies”, Daniel Wait Howe and Gilman Bigelow Howe, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1929 (2 copies)

Gordon’s History of the Greek Revolution and Campaigns, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, 1844

“Recollections of Seventy Years”, F. B. Sanborn, 1909

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